Retired - Chief Canine Officer (CCO)

Always wanting to help

Harley is a Holstein terrier. He joined the team in December 2012. Harley is a social animal. He loves coming to work to be with his pack and greet our visitors.

As CCO, Harley fills many important roles:

  • Greeter / Entertainer: Harley greets his teammates with a smile and a wag. He entertains our guests while his teammates set up their Mount’n Mover.
  • Player: Harley encourages his teammates to take breaks and play or at least, to work one-handed.
  • Lap Dog: At meetings, Harley joins his pack and claims a place at the table. A stealthy lap dog, he creeps into the chosen one’s lap when their attention is diverted. This skill is honed at home.
  • Thinker: Ask a question, and Harley will cock his head, with a thoughtful gaze.
  • Protector: You can’t trust a UPS guy. Harley runs to the door to shield us from John and the dangerous boxes he brings.
  • Fitness coach: Harley routinely takes the CEO on walks so that she may clear her mind, get the blood moving and think through design concepts.

When not fulfilling his duties at BlueSky Designs, Harley loves to:

  • romp with other dogs
  • retrieve sticks in the Mississippi River
  • watch TV, especially when dogs are involved (he used to go behind the TV, to see where they might be hiding)
  • play ball, tug and "chase around the recliner" with Di 

Harley’s philosophy: there are no strangers, only friends he hasn’t met



Jack and Harley