BlueSky Designs Mount'n Mover Fund


We are accepting candidates for our Mount'n Mover Fund to provide 50 people with one of our mounting systems.
The funding comes from the GoFundMe campaign. Be sure to check it out, share, and ask your friends to share. 
Here's the link

If you or someone you know might benefit from our products, you are at the right place!

A few key points about the applications process:

  • Each person will be interviewed to ensure their Mount’n Mover fits their needs.
  • In order to be eligible for this grant, you must be willing to let BlueSky Designs share your story, including photos or videos.
  • You must also be willing to talk to BlueSky Designs team in order to determine the components you need.
  • We want to ensure that the funds collected through our GoFundMe campaign help as many people as possible. With that in mind we want to ensure that other available funding has been explored before awarding a system.  


Here is the application form. Thanks for applying!


Once the GoFundMe completes we will be compiling and sharing our lessons learned to help others set up and run a successing funding campaign. Due to the volume of applications only a portion of applicants will receive a system. If you are not selected our tips and best practices will assist you setting up a personal fundraising campaign, whether on GoFundMe, Help Hope Live, or another platform.


Stay tuned for campaign updates and stories of the recipients of the Mount'n Movers.

The GoFundMe Story

I'm Di Goodwin, founder of BlueSky Designs. Our mission is to design products that make it possible for people with disabilities to do more, and do it independently. Our customers tell us our Mount'n Mover products are "life-changing". Who are we to argue?  With movable mounts, people with speech devices, ipads, phones and trays can move them where and when they want to.  Other mounts are static, and limit a person. A mount that moves expands their independence. They can do more when they can move their device to transfer, see to drive, pull up to a table to eat with their family, or use the toilet. 

Covid-19 hit us hard. We partner with therapists and service providers around the world who conduct one-on-one evaluations with the people who need our product. With schools closing, clinics limiting client visits and stay-at-home orders, our sales dropped 80%.   

Then, our building caught fire during the Minneapolis protests. Though we recovered all our products and resumed operations, restoration has not begun and the building has mold in areas that suffered water damage. We may need to move. 

We are a small mission-driven business and don't have deep pockets. We created this GoFundMe campaign to enable BlueSky Designs to survive this downturn. With your help, we can continue increasing people’s independence and improving their lives.  We'll transform your gifts into the gift of independence, providing 50 people with our life-changing products. It's a Win-Win. 

We know people want to help others right now. We’ve seen it in action. In July,  our founder’s partner rallied family and friends to give Di a surprise birthday gift. Over $11,000 was raised for BlueSky Designs! Their gifts provided five people with new Mount’n Movers and kept BlueSky's doors open.  We are so grateful. It's been awesome to tell people we can help them get past the funding barrier. 

We put the word out to folks in our network and, within days, over a dozen people applied to get mounts. Some had been lusting after it for years. It was new to others, but their therapist thought of them right away when they learned of this opportunity. Applicants include students, activists, workers, speakers, moms, and artists, ranging in age from 12 to 78. They want mounts they can move independently for their tablets, speech devices, laptops and phones. 

In this time of social distancing, independence and the ability to communicate with others is critical. Help us expand a person's possibilities. We will share their stories with you, here! Please share this with others! 

Learn more about the Mount'n Mover.

Check out the video below to learn what a difference our mount that moves can make. 



Cost and candidates for the give-away:  
Our systems cost between $1200 and $2000 for a mount, device or tray and wheelchair attachment hardware. That's more than many can afford, especially these days. Many people have lost jobs or aren't able to go to work because of the health risks or they need to care for their kids or partner themselves. For every $2000 we raise,  BlueSky Designs will outfit a person in need with a Mount’n Mover system.   

We'll continue to get the word out to identify additional candidates through networks of occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, rehab engineers, disability organizations, schools and others. Each person will be interviewed to ensure their Mount’n Mover  fits their needs. If you know someone who might benefit from our products, let them know about us. 
Another way you can help is to spread the word! Share a link to this GoFundMe and the online application for the Great Mount'n Mover Give-away. 

We are having a ton of fun with this, telling people we can help them move past the funding hurdle. We'll start sharing their stories soon!