Attach your Mount’n Mover device to:

  • Functions Beautifully

    Intuitive and purposeful, the Mount’n Mover combines a modern, sleek 21st century design with engineering inventiveness. It’s an artful extension of your daily activity.

  • Moves Freely

    The Mount’n Mover tilts, turns and adjusts to your heart’s desire, whether traveling from room to room or venturing out and about. It conveniently helps keep sight lines open, too.

  • Transforms Quickly

    No matter what your particular needs, swiftly change out personal devices from your Mount’n Mover - from a reading tray and speech device to a laptop and iPad

  • Installs Easily

    Simple instructions make the Mount’n Mover work for your therapists and caregivers - from single and dual arm to floor stands. Independence is yours in minutes.