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30 Day Return Policy

BlueSky Designs offers a 30 day money back guarantee. To be eligible, all returned items must be in new condition. All items are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Returns will only be accepted from the original purchaser. For items not purchased directly through BlueSky Designs please contact the distributor through whom the original purchase was made. Please contact BlueSky Designs prior to returning materials to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and reference the original order number on all shipments if possible.

One Year Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

BlueSky Designs offers a one year warranty on the Mount'n Mover line of products. Warranty does NOT cover repairs for damage resulting from misuse, such as collisions, failure to properly attach the mount securely, or poor set-up and care. If documentation of the original purchase is not supplied, warranty period will be determined as twelve months from the date of shipment from BlueSky Designs as determined by the serial number per BlueSky Designs records. For any servicing for a Mount'n Mover – please fill out our Service/Upgrade Form online and we will contact you from there.

The 1 year warranty covers:

All parts and labor*, including shipments from BlueSky Designs
Any Mount'n Mover product determined as manufacturer defective by BlueSky Designs


Warranty is Void if:

  1. Any non-approved chemicals are used on/in the product. This includes but is not limited to: WD-40, graphite lubricant, grease, chlorine bleach, isopropyl alcohol. All moving components in the Mount’n Mover are self-lubricating or require no lubrication; any added lubrication may erode finish or materials and adversely affect function. The Mount’n Mover should only be cleaned with warm soapy water or disinfectant wipes.
  2. Any portion of the Mount’n Mover arm is disassembled without prior online or written instruction from BlueSky Designs. This does NOT include assembly or configurations for wheelchair mounting or device attachment (above the Quick Release Plate).
  3. There is evidence of overload or misuse. The Mount’n Mover has been rigorously tested to support a 15-pound load in all functional applications. Overload/misuse includes but is not limited to: using the mount as a postural or transfer support, collisions, submerging in water or any other liquid. The Mount’n Mover arm is not dishwasher safe.
  4. Any BlueSky Designs hardware has been replaced with non-approved components (i.e. different screw size). Some wheelchairs may require unique hardware not included with standard Mount’n Mover mounting kits. Please contact us to determine appropriate hardware.

NOTE: For Mount'n Movers not under warranty, we also offer an Upgrade & Repair service!
*Repair includes labor and parts*

1 Year Extended Warranty

For absolute mounting peace of mind – you can choose to lengthen our extensive 1 year warranty for just $249.00 /year. Extended warranties include a loaner anytime your Mount'n Mover is sent in for warranted repairs, and BlueSky Designs will cover all shipping*

Extended warranty is void under terms applied to manufacturers one year warranty and does not include wheelchair hardware.

Extended warranty includes:

  •   Repair for one year after the manufacturer one year warranty expires. 
  •  Includes a maximum of two repairs per 1 year extended warrantly period


Mount'n Mover Service Plan

The Mount'n Mover Team is constantly engineering improvements to the Mount'n Mover, and we work hard to make sure you have the best mount possible. So if your Mount'n Mover is outside its 1 year Warranty period, or it isn't working like the first day you got it, consider our Mount'n Mover Service Plan!


If your Mount'n Mover is outside the 1 year warranty, we offer an affordable repair service where you can opt for a loaner Mount'n Mover for uninterrupted mounting. Repairs include:

  • Full diagnostic and upgrade for the Mount'n Mover and accessories.
  • $195 per repair service (does not include shipping*)
  • $295 per repair service including a loaner (does not include shipping*)

Diagnostics and repair will take no longer than 5 business days from BSD receipt of the repair shipment. All repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from receipt of your mount. Please note that repaired mounts may feel different from the original mount, but all outgoing mounts will have passed our inspection tests.
To initiate the upgrade/tune-up, we will need information regarding your mount Please fill out the Product Service Form here


We are constantly improving our product parts. If your product is not in top condition and qualifies we offer upgrades in addition to repairs and service. Please call with any questions 1-888-724-7002.

To maintain continuous mounting, we offer a Loaner Mount so that you will not have to spend any time without a mount!

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