The Mount'n Mover mounting systems provide versatile and accessible mounting solutions for devices and trays on wheelchairs, tables, beds, or floor stands.  Do more - with a mount that moves!


Complete the steps to help you build a complete mounting system!     


Our popular original mount that is feature rich and customizable!

  • Custom memory locks
  • Locks at multiple tilt angles
  • Extends reach into midline
  • Quick Release Plate (QRP) for attaching one or more device plates

Simple, stable, functional and affordable!

  • Ideal for phones, iPads, tablets, cameras, eating, writing, and reading
  • Trays swivel, lay horizontal, tilt at an angle, and fold down along post
  • Simple Mount Tray Small   (3.5" x 7.0" x .25")
  • Simple Mount Tray Large  (9" x 11.5" x .375")
  • Simple Mount Quick Connect
  • Choice of high or low resistance hinges
  • Uses same wheelchair attachment hardware
  • Simple Mount Large can be off-set to adjust position
  • Available in a variety of post lengths


For more information regarding the Mounts, check out the following links!

PDF icon Considerations when chosing between a locking an non-locking mount.pdf

Product Specifications and Comparison Chart

Design and Feature Changes 2016

PDF icon Simple Mount Product Sheet 

PDF icon Powr! Mount Brochure 

Our Easy Mover mounts give you easy control and repositioning of your speech devices, trays, cameras, and more!

  • Movable joints and tilt easily glide to desired position
  • Joints can be adjusted from low to high resistance, changing the effort required to move the mount
  • New Quick Connect Receiver is compatible with other mounts and devices


Now available!

Move your mount at the touch of a switch!

Power control available for the shoulder or tilt.

Three modes of control using Single or Dual switch control:

  • Alternate directions with one switch
  • One switch for each direction
  • Go to customizable target positions with one switch

Includes Mount'n Mover positioning capability with custom lock positions.

"This mount is the best investment I made in a long time. It has surpassed just a mount for my communication device, and become truly a device essential to my daily living"