Select a Post Length

Minimum post length is roughly the distance from the attachment point to the bottom of a person's tray or device when it is in their preferred operating position.

Measure Distance A on the diagram below, and select the closest post length.

Custom post lengths incur an extra charge.
For custom post lengths, please contact us.


  • For maximum stability, you want to minimize the post length.
  • Posts are mounted as vertical as possible
  • The most popular length is 18"
Post length diagram

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Available in 5 lengths:
8", 12", 18", 24" and 36".


Insert the post so that the groove in the post lines up with the groove in the Wheelchair bracket.
Secure the post by closing the cam lever.
If it needs to be tighter, turn the bolt and lever clockwise and try again.
Once you have the best height, program the height by sliding the set screw to the best spot and tightening it.