Double decker systems for mounting multiple devices simultaneously

In the first picture, Michael uses two dual arm Mount'n Movers to access his keyboard and laptop.  The locking dual arms provide optimum positioning.   The laptop tray has a "swing away" for his phone and the keyboard tray has been customized for comfort.  Both Mount'n Mover arms are mounted on one post with one attachment point on the wheelchair.  INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW TO SET UP A MOUNT FOR A DOUBLE DECKER SYSTEM

Two dual arm Mount'n Movers on a 24 inch post
Two dual arm Mount'n Movers on a 24 inch post
Double Decker with dual arm and simple mount
Double Decker two dual arms on one post
Linae with her double decker Easy Movers
Double Decker ipad and speech device dual arm and single arm
double-decker-with-aac-and-ipad dual arm and single arm
Nicole Double Decker_ dual arm and Mount'n Tilter
double decker with tilt'n turner
Communication device and phone side by side
Dual Arm Mount'n Mover for Tobii and Single Arm Easy Mover for phone
Double LAE with Easy Mover on a Simple Mount
Double Decker with two dual arm locking Mount'n Movers
Double Decker with dual arm and simple mount
12x16 tray with tablet and phone
laptop and phone on single tray
Small tablet and phone on tray
double decker laptop phone and mouse
RAM phone mount and Tobii device
RAM Phone mount off side of device.
double decker attached to quickie 2
double decker with ipad and keyboard
Double Decker Laptop tray_tablet_mini tablet
Double Decker with two locking dual arms
Phone and Tablet.  Both can be removed for use