Mount'n Mover customers have obtained funding for their mounting systems through a variety of sources. The list below may give you some ideas as to sources that might work for you.

See our Rationale and Justification page and the Comparison table for help explaining why you need this type of mount when submitting a request for funding.


Funding Chart

Funding Sources


Mount'n Movers have been covered by different forms of medical insurance including private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and the VA.

Insurance claims have been processed through qualified providers, such as a customer’s rehabilitation center, seating clinic, durable medical equipment suppliers and wheelchair vendors. BlueSky has established reseller agreements with these organizations.

See our Rationale and Justification section and the Comparison table for help explaining why you need this type of mount when submitting a request for funding.

VA specifics: BlueSky Designs is established as a qualified vendor with a number of VA Hospitals. If BlueSky does not yet have a purchasing arrangement with a particular VA, it typically takes less than a week to get set up. Contact us if you would like to find out if your VA is currently set up or you would like your VA to sign up.

Packaged with New Speech Generating Devices

Some communication device vendors bundle a mounting system with a new AAC device in their funding requests. The following companies have agreed to bundle the Mount'n Mover with their devices when it is specifically recommended or requested by the customer and their team:

  • Tobii Dynavox 
  • PRC-Saltillo
  • Talk To Me Technologies
  • EyeTech
  • Control Bionics

Other agreements are being negotiated, and some companies process them on a case-by-case basis. Contact your company to see if they will work with you to include a Mount'n Mover if you are considering a new device.

Call BlueSky for details at 1-888-724-7002.


Schools have provided the mount for students to provide improved and more independent access to educational activities, communication, computer access, reading, writing and art activities.

Vocational Rehab & Employers

Vocational Rehabilitation programs and employers may fund assistive devices to enable someone to carry out essential job functions or complete coursework.

Waivered Services & Community Programs

Waivered Services and county programs may have funds available for assistive devices like the Mount'n Mover.

Non-Profit Organizations

Programs such as the MDA, ALS and MS Societies have purchased or contributed money towards mounting systems for their clients.


Many individuals or their families decide to purchase a Mount'n Mover on their own or through trust funds. We are happy to assist individuals in determining what they need and selling directly to the customer. We provide telephone and email support to consumers or professionals.

AT Loan Programs and Funding

There are many programs available to help purchase assistive technology. Contact your local or state Tech Act programs to see what they know about local options.

3 Steps to Funding Your Mount

  1. Get a quote for your system and submit it to your device vendor, DME dealer, school or other organization.
  2. If medical insurance is involved, it must be processed through a qualified provider. BlueSky Designs is happy to work through your wheelchair, AT or AAC providers or other resellers to place your order.
  3. Once funding is approved, your mount can be ordered and delivered. If you order through a communication device vendor, your mount may come packaged with your device.

Appeals: If you are denied, please contact us and let us know. We will try and help you build the case for getting the mount that is most appropriate for your needs.