Step-by-Step Wheelchair Mounting Process

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How to Attach Your Wheelchair Mount in 8 Steps

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Connecting to a wheelchair can be the most difficult part of setting up a mounting system, but we are here to help. Use the information below to get started. If you’re looking for technical information about how to attach your Mount’n Mover to a wheelchair, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Step 1: Review the Mounting Guide for Your Wheelchair and Select Attachment Hardware

Step 2: Determine Where to Attach to the Frame

Step 3: Attach the Hardware to the Frame

Step 4: Attach the Wheelchair Bracket; Use an Angle Adjust Plate if Necessary

Step 5: Insert the Post into the Wheelchair Bracket

Step 6: Attach the Mount to the Post

Step 7: Prepare the Device or Tray

Step 8: Attach the Device to the Mount and Adjust its Position

A Wheelchair Mounting system is made of 4 key components: 

  1. Mount or mounting arm
    • If a person needs to access more than one device at a time, they can consider a Double Decker or two mounts on separate posts.
  2. Post
  3. Wheelchair Hardware
    • Mounting hardware (one or more items)
    • Wheelchair Bracket
  4. Device Plate or Tray (many people use their mount for more than one thing. ie, they may switch between a speech device plate and a camera plate)

Wheelchair Mounting Guide Overview

Wheelchair Mount Tips

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