Pow!r Mounts: Motorized Wheelchair Mounting System

The Mount'n Mover Pow!r Mount is a motorized mounting system, which makes it possible for anyone to move their mount with the flick of a switch! The Pow!r Mount delivers a new level of independence to people who use power wheelchairs.

The first offerings are Hybrid Systems, where a Pow!r joint is added to a manual Mount'n Mover, creating a Pow!r Tilt or Pow!r Shoulder hybrid.

Pow!r Motorized Wheelchair Mount Features

  • Range of movement: Pow!r Tilt: 180 degrees; Pow!r Shoulder: 360+ degrees
  • Access: Access switches, Pow!r Mount app via smart phone (Android and Apple)
  • Built-in keypad for attendant control
  • Load capacity: 15 pounds
  • Power: Rechargeable battery, wall outlet or wheelchair battery
  • Save and Go-To Target positions
  • Wheelchair, Table or Bed attachment hardware available
  • Compatible with iPads and other tablets, laptops, phones, and speech devices with the right device plate

How to Control the Pow!r Mount Motorized Wheelchair Mount

Move the shoulder or tilt independently using Single or Dual switch control.

Three modes of control:

  • Alternate directions with one switch
  • One switch for each direction
  • Go to customizable target positions with one switch

****You will need one or two switches (not included) **** 

Videos: How to Use a Pow!r Mount Wheelchair Mounting System

Pow!r Mount Shoulder Hybrid Wheelchair Mount Demonstration


How to Use and Set Pow!r Wheelchair Mount Target Positions


Pow!r Mount Back-Off Feature Demonstration: Reverses if it Bumps into You


How to Access Your Backpack with a Pow!r Mount Wheelchair Mounting System


How to Use a Pow!r Mount for Independent Suctioning in a Wheelchair


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