Pow!r Mounts

Now available!!!

The Pow!r Mount is a motorized mounting system, making it possible for anyone to move their mount with the flick of a switch!

The first offerings are Hybrid Systems, where a Pow!r joint is added to a manual Mount'n Mover, creating a Pow!r Tilt or Pow!r Shoulder hybrid.

Pow!r Mount Features:

  • Range of movement: Pow!r Tilt: 180 degrees; Pow!r Shoulder: 360+ degrees
  • Access: Access switches, Pow!r Mount app via smart phone (Android and Apple)
  • Built-in keypad for attendant control
  • Load capacity: 15 pounds
  • Power: Rechargeable battery, wall outlet or wheelchair battery
  • Save and Go-To Target positions
  • Wheelchair, Table or Bed attachment hardware available


Move the shoulder or tilt independently using Single or Dual switch control.

Three modes of control:

  • Alternate directions with one switch
  • One switch for each direction
  • Go to customizable target positions with one switch