End users

Our movable wheelchair mount opens up a new world of freedom, self-determination and involvement.

The BlueSky Mount’n Mover is transforming the lives of people who use wheelchairs, both power and manual. You’re no longer stuck behind a static wheelchair mount. Our movable mount gives you the freedom to do more on your own: multi-task with multiple devices, transfer, drive your chair and communicate one-to-one or electronically.  Adjust your devices yourself – your ideal positions can be set and locked-in, so you can return to them easily. You’re more independent, which frees up caregivers and family, as well.

Work. Study. Socialize. Exercise. Pull up to a table to eat with friends. Pursue hobbies like photography. Interact with your support groups. Use social media on your choice of devices with our wheelchair iPad/tablet mount and wheelchair cellphone mount.  Stay both productive and safe. Access what you need without always asking for help. But if you need help, your devices are right there. You’re always connected and involved with the world, when and how you want to be. 

A two-week loan program is available for those who would like a test drive. Contact us directly, or ask your therapist, wheelchair or speech device provider to learn more about Mount’n Mover systems. Try one!

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Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward’s vlog about their inter-abled relationship has nearly 400,000 subscribers on their YouTube Channel, Squirmy and Grubbs. Watch this video about how life changed when they got a Mount’n Mover for Shane.