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Table Clamp

Mount’n Tilter


Attach a Mount’n Mover to a table Table-top positioning Built-in table stand for mounted devices
Use the flexibility and positioning of the mount Angle-adjustable 3 Settings: flat, vertical and 45 degrees
Great for evaluations and access assessments Folds down compactly to carry or store Non-slip feet
  Use on bed, floor, lap Provides reclined access beyond 90 degrees for use from bed
Table Clamp with an Easy Mover
Mount'n Tilter
Table Clamp extending mount out from table
Mount below the table

Table Clamp Overview

  • Table ClampQuickly adjust tilt, height and positioning
  • Extends out from a table—easy wheelchair access
  • Conduct evaluations easily, with good positioning for speech device trials and access to computers and controls
  • Clamps to any desk, table or tray from 1/2" to 3"
  • Tool-less operation
  • Attach above or below table

Mount’n Tilter – Tabletop Mounting

The Mount’n Tilter is the Mount’n Mover “table-top” solution that works great on any desk, in bed, on the floor or on your lap! Adjust the angle from flat to vertical.

Compatible with any BlueSky Designs Quick Release Plate, you can quickly switch out between reading, communicating, working on the computer or just having fun with your iPad.

Mount'n Tilter   Mount'n Tilter

Shown with the Quick Release Plate. Tilts and locks anywhere from 0° to 90°

Simple and Portable

Without the device attached:

  • The Mount'n Tilter folds down to just 2.5 inches tall and measures 12 x 12 across
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Holds devices up to 15 pounds
  • Tilt locks securely for direct select users
  • Fits in a backpack,
  • Use on a dinner table, the floor, your lap, and can be used in bed

Angle Adjustment

  • Adjust to any angle between flat and completely vertical
  • Change your tilt quickly, anytime, without tools

The Stand+90 Combines Two Products in One!

Adjust the Tilt from 0-180

  • Add an additional 90 degree tilt range to your mounted device for reclined access
  • Use the built-in Mount'n Mover tilt plate adjustment for fine tuning
  • Return it to a flat position for a clear view while driving


Add a Built-in Stand to your device!

  • Compatible with anything that attaches to a Mount'n Mover Quick Release Plate (QRP)
  • Attaches between the QRP and the Device Plate or Tray
  • Broad base of support and non-slip feet
  • Much more stable than a QRP
  • Use it with the device flat or locked at a 50 degree tilt
  • Works with non-mounted devices and trays, too!

Stand + 90 overhead

Need a Vertical Table Stand?

  • To achieve a full vertical position with stability, the Mount'n Tilter is still the way to go
  • The 90 degree position cannot be used unless the Stand+90 is secured to a mount
Cata uses a Mount'n Tilter with her Tobii on a table.
Mount'n Mover Dual Arm Wheelchair Mount in Bed | Floor Stand