For Therapists: Choosing the Right Wheelchair Mount

Find the Right Wheelchair Mount for Your Client

Wheelchair Mount Guide for TherapistsAs a therapist, you are tasked with empowering your clients to become as independent as possible. Technology is constantly changing and your clients’ ability to access that technology has become increasingly essential.

Wheelchair mounting systems can optimize access.

Finding the right support can positively impact a client’s functional independence, well-being and quality of life.

This page serves as a toolbox for you to choose, order and set up the right mount.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Does your client have limited dexterity?

A: Mount'n Mover's multiple directions of freedom of positioning helps with eating, writing and communicating.

Q: Does your client use Eye-Gaze?

A: Mount'n Mover's precise positioning and programing allow for easily precise, repeatable positioning.

Q: Do many people help your client and need to operate the device?

A: Caretakers and family members like the ease of repositioning devices with tool free adjustments.

Q: Is your client very active and/or social?

A: Mount'n Mover's versatile tool-less positioning allows users to stow their device at their fingertips while out of the way of driving-line-of-site, tables at a restaurant or door frames while driving.

Q: Does your client use multiple devices?

A: The Quick Release mechanism allows quick and easy change-out of multiple devices such as a speech device, laptop, or reading tray.

Q: Do you want to secure one device for multiple people to access?

A: A simple Table Clamp allows for secure positioning and easy height adjustment to quickly bring the device to each individual.

Q: Is your client alone a lot or wish to be as independent as possible?

A: The Mount'n Mover system can be moved independently using just over a pound of pressure, no tools required.

Mount'n Mover is an ideal solution for children and adults with ALS, CP, MD, MS, Retts, SCI, Strokes, TBI and other similar conditions.