Eval Kits

We believe in hands-on trials to help a person determine what works best.

Mobile devices and trays need to be positioned in a stable, optimal location for access. We want to help you better understand mounting options and determine the best fit for your client's needs. Our Evaluation Kits provide the tools to mount and position a range of devices on a variety of surfaces. Therapists appreciate how easily the mount can be moved for visual and physical access during evaluations.  

Save $250.00 on our Eval Kit!

Our kits can be customized to fit your population or budget needs. Call us for details.

Want to loan an Eval Kit?  Check out our “Meet the Mount’n Mover Program” to learn more about our free 2 week trial period. The only cost to you is shipping.

The Universal Access Station Kit is ideal for the classroom, library, therapy room and evaluation clinic.  Contact us for bulk pricing.




EVAL-KIT - Evaluation Kit

What you get:

  • Dual Arm Mount'n Mover w/Low Torque Hinge  (M2-TQ-L)
  • Single Arm Easy Mover with Quick Connect Receiver and High Tilt Resistance  (EM1-QC-H)
  • Simple Mount Large 9' x 11.5" with High Resistance Hinge and 18" Post  (SM-LG-H-P18)
  • Simple Mount Small 3.75" x 7" with Low Resistance HInge and 12" Poat  (SM-S-L-P12)
  • 18" Square Post  (P18)
  • 12" Square Post  (P12)
  • Table Clamp  (TC)
  • 2x Solid Wheelchair Bracket  (WB2)
  • 2x Wheelchair L-Angled Extension Plate  (WC-LAE)
  • Wheelchair 1" Round Clamp  (WC-R1)
  • Wheelchair 7/8" Round Clamp  (WC-R7/8)
  • Wheelchair Bridge Clamp Set, 1" Round  (WC-R1B)
  • Wheelchair Bridge Clamp Set 7/8" Round  (WC-R7/8B)
  • 1" Tube Coved Spacer Kit  SET OF TWO COVED SPACERS   (WC-COVED-1" SET)  
  • 1" Collar Clamp w/1/4-28 tap  ONE SET OF TWO CLAMPS   (WC-COLLAR-1" SET)
  • Wheelchair Angle Adjust Plate (7.5°)  (WC-AAP)
  • Wheelchair Adapter Plate   {1 3/4" x 3"}  (WC-AP)
  • Wheelchair Adapter Plate 2  {21/4" x 4 3/4"}  (WC-AP2)
  • Wheelchair Adapter Plate 4  {3 3/4" x 2 1/4"}  (WC-AP4)
  • Wheelchair Adapter Plate 5  {5.5" x 2"}  (WC-AP5)
  • Wheelchair T-Nut  (WC-TN)
  • 12" x 16" Tray w/ Lip  (TR-12X16)
  • iPad Tablet Tray  (TR-iTAB)
  • Laptop Tray  (TR-LT)
  • Quick Connect Receiver  (DP-QCR)
  • Quick Connect Plate  (DP-QCP)
  • Universal Rotator  (DP-UR)
  • Dynavox/PRC Device Plate  (DP-DV1/PRC1)
  • Multi Plate (DAP-MULTI01)
  • Tobii Device Plate for i Series  (DP-T2)
  • Evaluation Case  (PP-CASE)
  • Tools: 3/16" and 1/16" hex key
  • Instruction Manual



Table Eval Kit

What you get:

  • Dual Arm Mount w/High Torque Resistance (M2-TQ-H)
  • Table Clamp (TC)
  • 12" x 16" Tray w/ Lip (TR-12X16)
  • iPad Tablet Tray (TR-iTAB-UR)
  • 18" Square Post (P18)
  • Tools: 3/16" and 1/16" hex key


What you get:

  • Dual Arm Easy Mover with Quick Connect
  • Post
  • Table Clamp
  • iTab Tray


What you get:

  • 18" Square Post (P18)
  • 2x Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2)
  • Angle Adjust Plate (7.5°) (WC-AAP)
  • Adapter Plate - 1 3/4" x 3" (WC-AP)
  • Adapter Plate 2 - 2 1/4" x 4 3/4"(WC-AP2)
  • Adapter Plate 4 - 2 1/4" x 3 1/4"(WC-AP4)
  • 2x L-Angled Extension Plate (WC-LAE)
  • 1" Round Clamp (WC-R1)
  • 1" Round Bridge Clamp Set (WC-R1B)
  • 7/8" Round Clamp (WC-R7/8)
  • 7/8" Round Bridge Clamp Set (WC-R7/8B)
  • T-Nut (WC-TN)


Meet the Mount'n Mover Program

We understand the importance of trying before you buy.

That's why we have a free two week trial evaluation period1 for therapists and organizations seeing the mount for the first time!

The only charges the customer is required to cover are shipping charges to and from BlueSky Designs (typically $95 shipping roundtrip within the contiguous United States)

Download and fill out an agreement form then contact us!

1. Rental charges apply after the two week trial at $50 per week.