Eye Gaze and Head Tracking Solutions

Consistent and repeatable positioning--in seconds!

  • Memory lock positions ensure it will come back to the optimal position time after time
  • You can have more than one lock position
  • Movement is safe, in one plane at a time (horizontal, tilt, rotation, and height)

No need to remove it

  • Just move the mount to the side for eating, transfers, or watching TV
  • When moving from a wheelchair to a bed or other location, leave the device attached and swing it around to an accessible position, using the wheelchair as a base

Safer during setup

  • The Mount’n Mover will support the device as you move it in space
  • With other mounts, you need to physically support the device as you calibrate it AND use tools to secure the different joints

Easier to calibrate

  • Calibrate device and change the mount position from in front of the device, so you can see the screen as you make the adjustments
  • With other mounts, you need to physically support the device as you calibrate it AND use tools to secure the different joints, holding it as steady as you can… only to have the device position change when you let go of it

Simpler to set up for just the right position

  • Once you have it attached to the wheelchair, you can focus on positioning
  • Move it and THEN set the lock positions
  • Adjust just one plane at a time i.e., move the arm in the horizontal plane to position it; adjust the height and set it; and adjust the Tilt or Rotation to accommodate the person

Alternate between access methods

  • Easily move it to a second operating position if you’re going to switch from eye gaze to direct select
  • NO OTHER mount allows this!

Use it with other devices

  • Easily change from one device to another; from a dedicated speech device to a tablet or laptop; or use a tray for eating or reading
  • Remember, this may affect the positioning needs and the Mount’n Mover can quickly accommodate changes

Folds compactly for storage

  • The Dual Arm folds onto itself and can be moved to the side
  • The Mount'n Mover can easily be put in a backpack (no other substantial mount can)!
  • Folding arm avoids tipping hazard

Move it to see better while driving, watching TV or communicating

  • Move the Tilt Angle to flat for the ability to see over it
  • Rotate the device so you can see to either side of it
  • Move it to one side so you can see!
  • All of the above are done TOOL-FREE

Adjust the position easily as a person's position changes

  • During the day, a person’s positioning may change
  • Other mounts require a new setup, tools and an experienced person to set it up
  • The Mount’n Mover allows you to move it temporarily from the memory positions, easily adjusting the arm position, tilt, rotation and height, without tools!

Easily move the mount from bed to chair to Floor Stand

  • The post and arm are easily released and moved to different locations where brackets have been attached

Matching your Needs

I'm not sure which arm to get

  • The Dual Arm is the most versatile and gives the greatest extension and provides the distance needed for calibration
  • The eye gaze camera needs to be 18-22” away from a person’s eyes

What if I need the device to tilt downward?

  • Be sure and get a Stand+90 so you can tilt it downward; for the best access from a reclined position (in bed or a wheelchair)
  • This is not required for a Tilting wheelchair—just when the person is reclined so they are looking upward

My head positioning changes through the day; how can the Mount'n Mover accommodate that?

  • If a person’s head tilts, consider getting a Universal Rotator to adjust the device orientation
  • The tilt angle can be adjusted without tools
  • You can change the Arm positioning without tools
  • You can change the height using the post

Are there any tips and tricks in setting it up?

How do I attach my device?

How do I attach to my wheelchair?

  • The hardware you’ll need for the wheelchair depends on the wheelchair and seat frame. Click here to identify the appropriate hardware
  • We always suggest the Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) over the Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket (WB). It is more stable and recommended unless the client needs to adjust the post angle multiple times in a day.
  • If you need to adjust the Post angle, consider getting an Angle Adjust Plate (WC-AAP)
  • Very often, with eye gaze you may want to move it forward
  • Our first suggestion is to use Offset Plates
  • If you need it further forward, consider a Post Extension Kit PEK-12A Contact Us for details

Choosing Products and Accessories

Dual Arm (M2-TQ-H)

  • Extended reach for eye gaze—needs to be 18-22” away from eyes
  • Flexibility in device placement
  • Includes adjustable tilt angle (0-90 degrees)
  • Custom memory lock positions
  • Repeatable positioning
  • Easy to unlock and move
  • Rotate the device easily for programming and access
  • M2-TQ-H

Stand + 90

  • Expands tilt angle range by 90 degrees, to 180
  • Use it when you need the device to face downward for access
  • Able to fold it flat for better visibility when driving or watching TV
  • Stand+90

Universal Rotator (DP-UR)

  • Adjust the device orientation to accommodate a person’s head tilting
  • Rotate the device for those who are lying on their side
  • DP-UR

Device plates for your eye gaze device

Tablets and Laptops

  • Laptop tray (TR-LT): When using a Laptop with eye gaze, secure it with a Laptop tray; securing the eye gaze camera depends on the system. Call us.
  • Tablet tray (TR-iTAB): When using a Tablet with eye gaze, there are several options. You can use a Tablet tray with an adjustable hinge plate; or use the Tobii plate with the bracket they provide. Contact us with your information.

Wheelchair attachment

  • Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2): A secure and solid attachment
  • Angle Adjustment Plate (WC-AAP): Use this to set the post at the best angle for access in all positions
  • Offset Plates (WC-LAE): Use Offset plates to position the post further forward, or around wheelchair hardware and trays
  • Post Extension Kit (PEK12A): provides an additional 2-10” forward extension Contact Us to discuss options

Rolling Floor Stand (FS)

  • Can be used across environments within a home or care facility
  • An access alternative for someone who is standing
  • The same mount that attaches to your wheelchair can be repositioned for use with the FS

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