Wheelchair Mounting Overview

Mount'n Mover offers a variety of wheelchair mounts that deliver a new level of independence and convenience to people who use wheelchairs. When paired with the right device plate, a Mount'n Mover wheelchair mount system is compatible with iPads and other tablets, laptops, cell phones, speech devices, and more. See our full line of Wheelchair Mounting Systems and find the one that's right for you.

How to Attach Your Mount

Mount'n Mover wheelchair mounts are incredibly versatile and can attach to almost any wheelchair, table, or floor stand. Connecting to a wheelchair can be the most difficult part of setting up a mounting system, but we are here to help. If you have any questions, call us at (888) 724-7002 or contact us.

How to Attach Your Wheelchair Mount to Your Chair

Wheelchair Mounting Process

Wheelchair mounting is divided into two components, as shown in this diagram:

How to Mount a Mount'n Mover to a Wheelchair

Mount Location

Determine attachment location to suit end-use

Mounted seatAttaching to the seat rail minimizes post length and allows users to maintain access to devices at different tilt angles.

Seat-Rail: Use if mount needs to tilt with the seat.

A speech device tilts to allow communication from any angle



Mounted frameIf you prefer that the mounted device does not tilt with a tilting wheelchair, attach to the sub-frame or base.

Frame-Rail: Use if mount must remain stable regardless of seat angle.

A tray for eating needn't tilt.

Mounting hardware by wheelchair type

Check out our mounting options list, where we have mounting guides for many wheelchairs, walkers and more.  If you cannot find your wheelchair call us!  We can mount to anything!

We also have generic guides for various frame types, listed in the Mounting Guides menu.

Offsets and extensions

Mounting to a wheelchair can sometimes be tricky. There will be situations where you are struggling for real estate on the wheelchair, and every wheelchair is different.

To get around many obstacles to proper mounting, we have options for extending the wheelchair bracket position. Consider things like trays, brakes, armrests and the like.

Read more about Offsets.

Mounting diagramThe wheelchair bracket connects the Mount'n Mover and Post to the wheelchair. Slide the post into the wheelchair bracket, and clamp it with the quick-release lever.

The wheelchair bracket is fixed to the wheelchair using bracket attachment hardware

VIDEO: How to insert the post

For best results, the post should be mounted as close to vertical as possible.

  • This makes it easier for a person to move independently
  • The device is kept at the same height and tilt, no matter where it is moved.

The choice of a Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2), a Solid Wheelchair Bracket with an Angle Adjust Plate (WC-AAP) or an Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket (WB) is determined by:

  • primary-use angle of the user's wheelchair seat frame
  • attaching to an angled frame component

Strategic positioning and orientation of the Wheelchair Bracket, either alone or combined with other plates can help avoid obstacles, or move the post further forward.

Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2)

Solid Wheelchair Bracket with Angle Adjust Plate 
(WB2 + WC-AAP)

Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket (WB)

Solid Wheelchair Bracket Solid Wheelchair Bracket with Angle Adjust Plate Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket

Technical specifications:

  • If the wheelchair seat is normally level, we recommend using this option
  • The Solid Wheelchair Bracket has a more compact profile
  • The Solid Wheelchair Bracket can be mounted in two orientations
  • The Solid Wheelchair Bracket has minimum play
  • This is the most cost effective solution

Technical specifications:

  • Best of both worlds! Rigid mounting with angle adjustment
  • Optimal mounting may require an angled hardware attachment - Compensate for that angle using the WC-AAP.
  • Only adds 1/4" to the width of the WB2
  • The pair allows you to adjust every 7.5°

Technical specifications:

  • If positioning requires constant angle adjustment, we recommend using this option
  • The Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket has a slightly larger profile
  • Angle adjustment allows for an "offset" mount that may help with avoiding obstacles.
  • The bracket locks every 5°
  • Note: When used with longer posts and heavier devices, there can be some play in the system

The Solid Wheelchair Bracket can be reconfigured to two positions:

Solid Wheelchair Bracket The Solid Wheelchair Bracket can be reconfigured to two positions

This combination can rotate every 7.5°:

AAP positions diagram

The adjustable wheelchair bracket locks every 5°:

WB rotation