Mount'n Mover News and Stories

Mount'n Mover News and Stories

Linae with her double decker Easy Movers

Meet Linae! (Video)

Linae is a bright high school student who also takes college classes online. She has an interest in studying astrobiology and chemical biosignatures and enjoys playing Power soccer. She fatigues quickly due to Mitochondrial myopathy and Ehlers-Danlos joint hypermobility. In preparation for school,... Read more

Michael Sack - Enhanced Independence! (video)

Michael uses a Dual Arm to hold his tablet and easily operates his dual arm Mount'n Mover using one hand. "The Mount'n Mover has greatly increased my independence level each and every day. The mount brings my iPad to eye level and keeps it readily available for me to view or use as a communication... Read more

Shane Burcaw - Independence restored via the Power Mount! (Video)

Shane Burcaw is a writer and activist who has written about living with the disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Due to his limited use of his upper extremities, Shane and his girlfriend Hannah, recently came to our office to have a custom Pow!r mount fitted to his chair. With it, he can raise and... Read more

Esther Lee - Moving Mountains!

It’s no big secret that I have been opposed to using communication devices pretty much my whole life—that is, until now. My cerebral palsy affects my speech and mobility, but not my spirit. Although it is difficult for many people to understand my speech, especially before getting to know me, I... Read more
Jack Jablonski

Jack Jablonski - A BEL13VER!

A believer that every day holds the potential for something amazing to happen! Many of you may already be familiar with Jack. After a 2011 hockey accident left him paralyzed, Jack made it his mission to help others by starting the Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation. This charitable... Read more
Brian Shaughnessy

Meet Brian from Hawaii!

We took our existing iPad tray and tricked it out for his phone and two cameras! Brian, Attorney at Law, originally bought an iPad tray with two custom camera mounts so he could film both himself and the interviewee during interviews. His recent upgrades: Lengthen the tray to allow room for his... Read more

Meet Rosie! Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes

“Overcoming obstacles is the stuff of being a disabled person, and so when the mountain seems ever harder to climb, we look at ways of moving the mountain a little closer which, for most of us, means we can look at ways of making life easier in all kinds of different ways” - Rosie ----- (Copyright... Read more