Danny, Student

Dad Says The Mount'n Mover Makes Danny's Eyemax Function.

"With the Mount’n Mover, the screen is repositioned to the exact location needed in seconds, and can be moved out of the way to drive and redeployed when he stops in seconds – making everything less time consuming and much easier for Danny, his teachers and support staff”  -Ed (father) McNamara 

Danny at schoolBefore Danny received his Mount'n Mover, setting and calibrating his Eyemax was inefficient and frustrating. "Before we used a homemade mount fixed between his legs. He couldn’t move out of the way for anything and thus had to take the time to remove and reattach any time he needed to switch from listening to communicating." Deanna Morrow, Speech Language Pathologist

Danny at HalloweenNow Danny has more time to enjoy activities such as dressing up as an astronaut for Halloween!

Danny at school