Gae's Pow!r mount brings independence

The changing needs of living with ALS can be a challenging journey. BlueSky Designs is here to help navigate that journey by improving the quality of life and independence for both caregivers and people living with ALS. One journey we have been very fortunate to be part of began in 2006, when our first mount prototype was tested by Gae, a very active woman who lives with ALS. She was looking for something that can give her more independence at home and in the community. She found it with her Mount'n Mover and has used it ever since.

Gae recently received a Pow!r Mount through the generosity of the ALS Association. Now she is able to move her speech device or reading tray in and out of position with the touch of a switch

"Communication is such a basic need and I am very grateful for access to new methods to remain actively engaged in everyday life. I still have a voice!"


Gae gets pow!r