Jack Jablonski - A BEL13VER!

A believer that every day holds the potential for something amazing to happen!

Jack Jablonski

Many of you may already be familiar with Jack.

After a 2011 hockey accident left him paralyzed, Jack made it his mission to help others by starting the Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation. This charitable organization supports spinal cord injury recovery research.

Recently Jack began experiencing neck pain from using his laptop on his lap and he knew he needed a mounting solution before heading back to college. The Mount'n Mover delivered. Now his laptop is secured in a more optimal position for access and he can adjust the position when ever he wants to. 

"After using the mount for just one week my neck pain has been reduced immensely," said Jack ,"Plus it has multiple uses - I also use it for eating and holding my phone."

Jack Jablonski"It's so nice to see him sitting upright instead of  hunched over when he's on his laptop," said his mother Leslie, "It's a game changer for sure!"

We BEL13VE amazing things can happen. Do you?

Jack Jablonski