Meet Linae! (video)

Linae is a bright high school student who also takes college classes online. She has an interest in studying astrobiology and chemical biosignatures and enjoys playing Power soccer. She fatigues quickly due to Mitochondrial myopathy and Ehlers-Danlos joint hypermobility. In preparation for school, Linae recently got a double decker mounting system.  A Single Arm Easy Mover holds her keyboard and mouse and a Dual Arm Easy Mover holds her laptop. By positioning her laptop higher she experiences less strain on her neck and it keeps her trunk more upright. By using a power wheelchair and placing her devices in an optimal position, she is able to combat fatigue and conserve energy. She loves the ease and flexibility of her mount and the fact that the joint resistance can be adjusted to accommodate her muscle strength.  Linae is a very capable young woman who doesn’t let anything hold her back from persuing her dreams.  

Linae with her double decker Easy Movers