Meet Rosie! Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes

“Overcoming obstacles is the stuff of being a disabled person, and so when the mountain seems ever harder to climb, we look at ways of moving the mountain a little closer which, for most of us, means we can look at ways of making life easier in all kinds of different ways” - Rosie

         ----- (Copyright © 2014 by Rosaleen Moriaty-Simmonds, Photography by James Moriarty-Simmond)

In an Internet search of a camera mount for her new chair, Rosie discovers the Mount’n Mover and the many ways she can use it!  “One of the things the Mount’n Mover does is gives you back some of the spontaneity that life as a disabled person does not always allow. Technically it is very clever, but also very simple to use” writes Rosie in her blog:

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