Seth, Student

Seth is in grade school. He uses a manual wheelchair and a communication device. He needs to change positions of his device for different school activities.

Mount'n Mover Uses:

  • Speech Device
  • Reading Tray

Mount'n Mover Benefits for Him:

  • Positioning for visual and physical access to speech device
  • Easy repositioning for wheeling in the hallways
  • Change tilt angle so he can see teachers
  • Change to a reading tray for other activities
  • Move it out of the way for the restroom and washing hands

"I love the Mount 'n Mover because it has allowed the student I work with to be more independent with his device.  He has been motivated to pull his device closer to access the pages he wants, not necessarily what the adults in his life choose."

Margaret Knebel, OTR
A.T.  Coordinator
Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative