Compare Us To Other Mounts

The Mount'n Mover varies from the competition in its ability to be independently moved and repositioned. BlueSky Designs believes in giving users the most flexibility and independence possible.

How Does the Mount'n Mover Differ from Other Mounts?

  • Tilt Angle Can be Changed with No Tools
    • Other brands can be operated without tools but require strength and dexterity to operate
    • In many cases the controls must be accessed from outside the wheelchair
  • Rotate Device
    • Mount'n Mover has a lazy-susan-style rotation option to allow device access from multiple points
    • The CJT also has a rotation in a ball and socket connection which requires strength and dexterity to operate
  • Move it
    • The Mount'n Mover can be moved laterally
    • The Mount'n Mover can be positioned close to the body
    • Minimal effort is required to disengage the locked position
    • The only other mount with multiple positions still has only one operating position
  • Positioning
    • Other models are static
    • The Mount'n Mover has multiple operational positions
  • Safely and Easily Moved by User
    • Other mounts movable by the user swing freely from position to position endangering the operator as well as the device mounted to its end
  • Convenient for Transport and Transfers
    • The Mount'n Mover can be collapsed to the side during transport and transfer
  • Custom
    • For the ideal ergonomic mount you can have a custom mount built
    • Custom designs can be pricey
    • The Mount'n Mover has customizable positions immediately ready

Compare top brands in the chart below.



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