Frames with Daessy Hardware

Sometimes it is easier to simply adapt to existing hardware than coming up with a whole new solution.

In this case, we demonstrate how to bolt onto an existing Daessy clamp.
Since the person already owns the Daessy clamp and it is already attached, we can bolt directly to  the Daessy clamp.


In this example, we use a Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP)

There are two options for attaching to a Daessy clamp

Buy the BlueSky Designs Daessy adapter kit. 

Remove outer part of existing Daessy hardware and attach a BlueSky Designs adapter plate to the inner part of the Daessy clamp.


Two threaded holes are revealed.                                                      Attach the adapter plate (WC-AP plate shown)

Example of mounting to existing Daessy hardware


AP2 plate attached to a Daessy clamp                                     Wheelchair bracket (WB2) attached to the AP2                                          Post and Mount'n Mover attached!     




Mounting to the Daessy Multihole Adapter Plate


Remove outer Daessy hardware                                       Removing another piece of hardware                                          The Multi-hole Inner Piece Adapter revealed  



  Adapter plate attached to Mulit-hole plate                 L-Angle Extension Plate (LAE) and Wheelchair bracket  (WB2) attached.                                      Post attached to WB2