Motion Concepts Seating

New Style Motion Concepts

Uses T-nut into its slide track frame (see Slide Track Frame section)

Old Style Motion Concepts

There are several versions of the Motion Concepts seat frame, with multiple ways to attach. Keep in mind, that the  renderings in the following pdf do not display armrests, or thigh supports, which you may have to offset to accommodate. 

PDF icon Motion Concepts Seat Options 1.0.pdf

This document contains attachment instructions for previous Motion Concepts seating styles including:

  • Side-Mount Footrests: Type 1
  • Side-Mount Footrests: Type 2
  • Side-Mount Footrests: Type 3 (offset)
  • Center-Mount Footrests: Round Tube Cross-Member
  • Center-Mount Footrests: Square Tube Cross-Member
  • Center-Mount Footrests: No exposed Channel

In the above linked pdf for previous Motion Concepts seating, instructions B and D refer to a "sleeve" that is pictured in orange. 

This "sleeve" is the Motion Concepts Adapter Kit (WC-MC)

Motion Concepts Adapter Kit (WC-MC)
Motion Concepts Adapter Kit (WC-MC)
WC-MC  (back view)
Back view of WC-MC
WC-MC mounted to frame with adapter plate attached (AP2)
WC-MC attached to frame. AP2 plate attached to WC-MC