Table Clamp (TC)

Table Clamp
Easy Mover with Indi and Table Clamp
Table Clamp extending mount out from table
Table Clamp attached to table
Table Clamp, below the table


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Utilize the flexibility and positioning of a Mount'n Mover at a table!
Clamps to any desk from as thin as ¼" to 3"
Height adjustibility on the fly!
Tool-less operation

Compare to similar products:

Stand + 90°

Base price: $235.00

Two products in one!
Table stand for devices or trays: 
Use with any device plate or tray
Locks at 0° and 55° on tables
Downward Tilt for mounted devices. 
Attach between device plate (or tray) and QRP.
Ideal for bed access, Use tilt lever to lock from 0° to 180°

  • The Stand + 90° is compatible with all Mount'n Mover device attachment accessories, and can be used in combination with the Universal Rotator.
  • The Stand + 90° can be used as a "stand-alone" product, without a Quick Release Plate, but you will need one to attach your device to a Mount'n Mover arm.

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Mount'n Tilter

Base price: $450.00

The Mount’n Tilt, otherwise known as the MNT, is the Mount’n Mover “table-top” solution that works great on any desk, or even in bed or on your lap! Compatible with any other Blue Sky Designs Quick Release Plate, you can quickly switch out between reading, communication, work on the computer or just having fun with your iPad.

Made for surface mounting; Lightweight, portable; Only available with Light Torque Hinge.

Quick Release Plate (QRP) not included.

Add a Quick Release Plate (QRP) total price 545.00

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