Frame with holes


This page will walk you through how to mount to a wheelchair, that has at least two available holes for our hardware to bolt securely to.

We try to avoid attaching to parts of the wheelchair that are designed to be removable, such as removable footrests or armrests.

Throughout this page, we will deal with installing and mounting either the Adapter Plate (WC-AP), Adapter Plate 2 (WC-AP2) or Adapter Plate 4 (WC-AP4).

If you have a round tubing frame chair you may want to use the Coved Spacers.  These spacers provide a stable attachment to a round tube with holes.

*Be sure to use a locknut so the mount does not vibrate loose!


WC-AP + hardware
Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP)
Wheelchair Adapter Plate 2 (WC-AP2)
Wheelchair Adapter Plate 4 (WC-AP4)
Coved Spacer Kit
Coved spacer with adapter plate

Mounting to a frame with through holes

Examples of Wheelchairs with Bolt Holes Along the Seat Rail

Quickie Iris
Quickie Iris, Example 1
Quickie Iris
Quickie Iris, example 2
Invacare Solara
Invacare Solara,
Motion Concepts seating
Motion Concepts seating

Examples of Mounted Wheelchairs

An Invacare Solara initially mounted with just a WC-AP2.
Attach an Angle Adjust Plate (WC-AAP) and Solid Wheelchair Bracket to get the post vertical
Spacer on a tube with plate attached