Mounting to Frames by Sandwiching Components


In many cases, the best mounting point may already be occupied with an existing wheelchair component such tie-downs, casters, or thigh/side supports.

Fortunately, our adapter plates are versatile enough to "sandwich" between the frame and the additional component.


Sandwich A Plate on a Quantum Tie-Down Wheelchair

Step 1
Remove existing bolts
Step 2
Replace shown bolt with included Quantum Tie-Down hardware
Step 3
Sandwich plate between tie-down and frame and tighten bolts
Step 4
Add wheelchair bracket and post

Sandwiching Between Caster Wheel and Wheelchair Frame

AP plate sandwiched between caster and frame.  LAE attached to AP plate
Here the adapter plate is sandwiched between the caster and frame. An L-angled extension (LAE) plate attaches to the adapter plate.
WB2 bracket attached to LAE extention plate
The wheelchair bracket (WB2) then attaches to the LAE plate.
The WB2 holds the post for the Mount'n Mover.
Mount'n Mover mounted to wheelchair
The Mount'n Mover now mounts to the wheelchair.

Examples of Sandwiching

Quantum Tie-down mounting on a chair
Adapter plate sandwiched between Quantum Tie-down and chair.
AP2 plate "sandwiched" between tie down and wheelchair.
AP2 plate "sandwiched" between tie-down and quantum chair
Final mounting solution!