Permobil Unitrack frame


This page will walk you through how to mount to a Permobil wheelchair equipped with the UniTrack rail system.

UniTrack rails are available on most Permobil wheelchairs either on the seat rail, back canes (we typically do not mount there) and the underside of the armrests.

For mounting to UniTrack, we will use either the Adapter Plate 2 (WC-AP2) or Adapter Plate 4 (WC-AP4).


Wheelchair Adapter Plate 2 (WC-AP2)           Wheelchair Adapter Plate 4 (WC-AP4)

Examples of Permobil Wheelchairs with UniTrack

Permobil C350 with UniTrack
Permobil C350 with UniTrack
Attaching to the Permobil Unitrack is preferred, but not all Corpus chairs have it installed.
Permobil C300 with UniTrack
AP2 plate installed on UniTrack
Permobil pediatric wheelchair with UniTrack. Note the thigh supports should not interfere with mounting.


1:  Clear the UniTrack path for mounting

In most cases with UniTrack, the track will be covered with a plastic cap.

You will need to remove this cap to gain access to the UniTrack.

Some situations my require moving side-supports or transfer aid components along the UniTrack

Remove the cover, and any other obstructions
to inserting the square nuts into the UniTrack

2:  Pre-assemble the Screw, Plate and Nuts

Thread all four screws through the plate, and into the square nuts.         

There are multiple orientations/patterns for this plate to thread all four screws.
Orient the plate to whichever position works best for your application (see configurations for AP2 and AP4 plates for examples).

Only use the 6mm holes/slots for these screws.(see here)

Keep in mind that the next component mounting needs to access the four threaded holes.
Be prepared for multiple attempts to get the plate in the right position  


Example: if mounting on the left side of the wheelchair, try and "aim" as many threaded holes towards the intended mounting direction.

3: Insert the Pre-Assembly into the UniTrack

Slilde the pre-assembly (nuts first) into the UniTrack.

Video of that here: inserting into the UniTrack

4:  Attach the Wheelchair Bracket (WB2), or Extension

There are many attachment positions available when mounting the next component

  • Angle Adjustment Plate (WC-AAP)
  • Adjustible Wheelchair Bracket (WB)
  • Extension: L-Angle Extension (WC-LAE)
  • Extension: Adapter Plate 2 (WC-AP2)
  • Extension: Adapter Plate 4 (WC-AP4)

Orientation 1                                                Orientation 2

Orientation 3                                                 Orientation 4

Orientation 5


Orientation 1                                                              Orientation 2   

(beveled corner upper left-plate horizontal)                  (beveled corner lower right)                                                                                

Orientation 3

(beveled corner upper left- plate vertical)

Attaching the Solid Wheelchair Bracket directly to the WC-AP4

WB2 Mounted to a WC-AP4 - Orientation 1
WB2 oriented towards the front.
WB2 Mounted to a WC-AP4 - Orientation 2
WB2 centered and higher.
WB2 Mounted to a WC-AP4 - Orientation 3
WB2 centered on AP4 plate.
WB2 Mounted to a WC-AP4 - Orientation 4
WB2 oriented forward and higher.

Attaching Extensions to the WC-AP4

WC-AP2 Mounted to a WC-AP4 as an extension forward
AP2 plate used as an extension to locate the mount further forward.
WC-LAE Mounted to a WC-AP4 as an extension forward, and laterally
L-Angled Extension plate used to locate the mount further out to the side of the wheelchair.
WC-LAE Mounted to a WC-AP4 as an extension.  This mounting will require anoter WC-LAE for attaching a Wheelchair Bracket upright
L-Angled Extension plate used in a different configuration.

Examples of Mounted Wheelchairs