The Invacare T7a is a manual wheelchair and has 1 1/8" round tubing.
A Bridge clamp is created using two 1.125" Collar clamps and an Adapter Plate 4 (or AP2).  One Clamp needs to be just around the curve from the other to maximize the stability and resist rotation of the system around the tube.
The bracket and post needed to be located to allow wheelchair propulsion and brake use, as well as positioned back to allow pulling up to a table.
The positioning also allowed for transfers to a walker. His walker has a Tilt'n Turner attached, so he detaches his speech device from the chair and moves it to the walker.
Collar Clamps, WC-AP4, WB2

Offset options

Offsets attach to the wheelchair attachment hardware, and are used to:

  • Get around obstacles such as trays, brakes, footrests and armrests
  • Position the Wheelchair Bracket so the post is in the optimal position (post can be inserted and removed, brakes are unobstructed, footrests removed, accommodate the tray, etc)
  • Adjust the angle of the hardware and/or bracket to make sure the post is vertical

These plates can all be used to offset. To figure out which offset plate will work for you, see our Offset Guide.

How to mount: 

Bridge clamp with 1 1/8" Collar Clamps and an Adapter Plate 4 as the Bridge. Use L-angle extension plates to move the bracket and post to allow for brake usage and wheel propulsion. Use an Angle Adjustment plate to get the post vertical if necessary.

Installation support: