Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2)

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Wheelchair Bracket-Daessy Adapter (WB-DAESSY)

Base price: $220.00

Compatible with Daessy wheelchair hardware.

Connects to any Daessy Inner piece clamp or adapter.

**If you have an old Daessy frame clamp in usable condition, you can connect this product to it and use your old clamp.**

You can attach to some Daessy hardware with the Adapter Plate (WC-AP)--see the photo.

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Solid Wheelchair Bracket & Angle Adjust Plate (WB2 +WC-AAP)

Base price: $126.00

Best of both worlds!
Solid and secure mounting at fixed angles.
Adjust to any angled mounting - in 7.5° increments
No chance of slippage, set only once during setup.
No moving parts, a maintainence free product.
Compact! Only adds ¼" thickness to the WB2.

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