Activity Chair Standard Base

Rifton Standard Activity chair 30mm collar clamps, WC-AP4 , WB2
Attach 30mm collar clamps loosely to tubing
Attach Wheelchair Adapter Plate 2 or 4 to the threaded holes on each collar clamp
Adjust the location of each collar clamp to position the WC-AP2 or WC-AP4 perpendicular to the ground
Attach the Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) to the WC-AP2 or WC-AP4.   Additional offset adapter plates can be attached between the WC-AP plates and the WB2
WB2 attached so that the post is vertical
Front view with attachment hardware
Mount'n Mover installed on the Standard Activity Chair

Offset options

Offsets attach to the wheelchair attachment hardware, and are used to:

  • Get around obstacles such as trays, brakes, footrests and armrests
  • Position the Wheelchair Bracket so the post is in the optimal position (post can be inserted and removed, brakes are unobstructed, footrests removed, accommodate the tray, etc)
  • Adjust the angle of the hardware and/or bracket to make sure the post is vertical

These plates can all be used to offset. To figure out which offset plate will work for you, see our Offset Guide.

How to mount: 

Attach 30mm Collar Clamps loosely to the downward tube frame on the Standard Activity Chair.  Add and Adapter Plate 2 or 4.  Position the Adapter Plate so the sides are perpendicular to the floor.  Add the Solid Wheel Chair Bracket (WB2).  Position all hardware with the goal of the post being vertical.  You may need to add an Angle Adjust Plate inbetween the Adapter Plate 2 or 4 and the Wheel Chair Bracket (WB2) in order to correct the angle to vertical.