Position the Mount'n Mover where you would like it--off to the side
You can also move it rearward for side-lying eye-gaze access.
Adapter Plate is attached to frame with 7/8 bridge clamps
Adapter Plate is attached to frame with 7/8 bridge clamps
Attach the Wheelchair Bracket to the Adapter plate
Collar clamps fitting the lower frame diameter are bridged with an Adapter Plate 4.
Collar clamps with AP4 plate
Another option: attach the Adapter Plate 4 to the collar clamps
Two Wheelchair Brackets are attached-one with collar clamps and one with bridge clamps
Upper bar uses 7/8" clamps.  Lower bar uses 1-1/8" clamps

Offset options

Offsets attach to the wheelchair attachment hardware, and are used to:

  • Get around obstacles such as trays, brakes, footrests and armrests
  • Position the Wheelchair Bracket so the post is in the optimal position (post can be inserted and removed, brakes are unobstructed, footrests removed, accommodate the tray, etc)
  • Adjust the angle of the hardware and/or bracket to make sure the post is vertical

These plates can all be used to offset. To figure out which offset plate will work for you, see our Offset Guide.

How to mount: 

Your choice of Approaches is determined by where you need the device positioned

  • Approach 1: For positioning of the mounted device somewhat forward and also back, for a side-lying position.
  • Approach 2:  For positioning of the mounted device extremely forward for eye-gaze from a more upright position
  • Note: you can have both attached for maximum positioning flexibility.

Approach 1: Attach just above the folding pivot point, in the center of the stroller frame. This allows positioning forward, when sitting up and to the rear, for side-lying.

Attach an Adapter Plate with the 7/8" bridge clamps just above the folding point so that it is vertical. Attach the Wheelchair Bracket to the Adapter Plate.

The mount can move either direction from the post.

Installation support: 

How to mount: 

Set up a bridge clamp, using an Adapter Plate 4 and two collar clamps (1-1/8"). 

Choose two bolt holes in the Adapter Plate to space the collar clamps as far apart as possible, while maintaining a vertical or horizontal plate orientation.

Attach the Wheelchair Bracket.

Installation support: