Post Clamp Extension (WB2_EXT)



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Post Clamp Extension

Base price: $130.00

The post clamp extension plate is 7.25" long x 2" tall.  The plate is 1/4 inch thick steel.  This extension is designed to give the post clamp (WB2) more forward extension for eyegaze.    It comes with hardware to attach to the Permobil dual track and bolts to connect it to another adapter plate, collar clamps, bridge clamps etc.

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Wheelchair Bracket-Daessy Adapter (WB-DAESSY)

Base price: $375.00

Compatible with Daessy wheelchair hardware.

Connects to any Daessy Inner piece clamp or adapter.

**If you have an old Daessy frame clamp in usable condition, you can connect this product to it and use your old clamp.**

You can attach to some Daessy hardware with the Adapter Plate (WC-AP)--see the photo.

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Solid Wheelchair Bracket

Base price: $130.00

Rigid bracket for attaching Post to wheelchair adapter components.

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