Standing Wheelchair


All standing wheelchairs will be mounted on the armrest either into the unitrack under the armr (if available) or by drilling custom holes.  It is important to mount on the armrest in order to keep the device/tray level with the user whether they are in a sitting or standing position.


Permobile C400
holes drilled in post
Permobile F5
Permobile F5
Permobile F5 Standing Wheelchair
Permobile F5 with PEK-18

Levo (C3)

The standing wheelchair must always be mounted on the armrest.  The Mount'n Mover will ride up and down with the user.  This allows the mount to be in the proper position whether standing or sitting.

Mount adapter plate (AP4 shown) with bolts through slot under the arm rest. Tighten lock nuts.
Attach L-Angle Extension bracket (LAE) to AP4 plate.
Attach the Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) to the L-Angle Extension plate.
Slide post into the Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) and attach the Mount'n Mover.
Mount attached to the wheelchair.

Levo (Combi-Armrest)

Remove two bolts under armrest.
Bolt one AP4 plate to the armrest.
Bolt a second AP4 plate to the armrest with the second bolt.
Use an AP2 plate to "bridge" across the two AP4 plates.
Attach an L-Angle Extension plate to the AP2 plate.
Attach an Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) to the L-Angle Extension plate;
Attach a post to the Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) and attach the Mount'n Mover to the post.