Round Tubes - Upright Vertical


This page will walk you through how to mount to a wheelchair with round tubing, in the absence of any secure holes to mount to. For wheelchairs with holes available in the seat frame, refer to frame with holes

We try to avoid attaching to parts of the wheelchair that are designed to be removable:
IE: removeable footrests or armrests.

Throughout this page, we will deal with installing and mounting either the Bridge Clamp,  Round Clamp, or the Collar Clamp.

It is important to measure the tube circumference so that you can order the correct size clamp!

1" Bridge Clamp 1" Round ClampCollar Clamps

               Bridge Clamp                                   Round Clamp                            Collar Clamps        


Bridge Clamp

If it is possible to clamp two positions not along the same tube, "bridging" the two tubes will provide really solid mounting.
This is why we have the Bridge clamp!

Bridge clamps may take up more room, but it is more secure wheelchair mounting. Clamping two tubes prevent each individual clamp from slipping. For heavier devices, if there are no holes or tracks to bolt to, we recommend implementing the bridge clamp.

1" Bridge Clamp

Round Clamp

In many cases clamping to a single tube is sufficient, or there may only be room for a single clamp.  It may not be possible to clamp around the entire tube (as with the collar clamp).

With any "pinch-style" clamp on a round tube, there is an opportunity for the clamp to slip around that tube. If possible, position the clamp to minimize danger if it were to slip.
ie: clamp to a vertical tube section, so if it slips - the device remains safe.

2" wide Round Clamp, available for tubing with 1" or 7/8" diameters

Collar Clamps

Collar clamps are very strong and come in a variety of sizes to fit most round tube wheelchair frames.  They can be used in combination with a bridge or round clamp.  They also can be used as a pair along an upright round tube and they are a good choice for mounting along a curved on a round tube. 

Collar Clamps              Collar clamps with AP4 as bridge

         Pair of Collar Clamps                                 Collar Clamps attached to an AP4 plate

    Collar clamp on a bend and used as a bridge for the AP2 plate                                     

Collar Clamps attached to curve on frame             Collar Clamps attached to AP2 plate, AAP, and WB2

How to attach Collar Clamps directly to a WB2 bracket


Disassemble collar clamps.
Attach one half of the first Collar Clamp to the wheelchair bracket (WB2).
Attach the other half of the second Collar Clamp to the WB2.
Collar Clamps assembled to the WB2. Collar Clamps will have to be taken apart again to close around the wheelchair frame.
Collar Clamps and wheelchair bracket (WB2) mounted to the wheelchair frame.

Examples of Mounted Round Tubing Wheelchairs

Quickie folding frame wheelchair
Quickie folding frame wheelchair
Everest and Jennings Metro (transport wheelchair)
Everest and Jennings Metro (transport wheelchair)
Leckey Squiggles wheelchair
Invacare 9000 SL wheelchair
Round clamp with Angle Adjust Plate (AAP)
Round clamp, AAP, and Wheelchair bracket (WB2)
Collar clamp_AAP_WB2