How to Attach Your Mount'n Mover: Step 5

Insert the Post into the Wheelchair Bracket

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To attach the mount to the wheelchair, orient the Post so the slot on the Post is aligned with the slot on the Wheelchair Bracket clamp. Slide the Post into the wheelchair bracket and clamp it with the quick-release lever.


  • The mount should attach to the top of the post, unless it is a Double Decker
  • A long post may interfere with casters or run into the base. 
  • The longer the post, the more play in the system.

How to Determine Post Length for Wheelchair Mount

Post Alignment

The post is correctly aligned when the post and clamp slots are aligned. 

Wheelchair Mount Post Alignment

Mount'n Mover Post and Link Cube Alignment Wheelchair Mounting

VIDEO: Attaching the Link Cube to the Post

Clamp Pressure

Wheelchair bracket clamp pressure should be set so that, when clamped, post is held tightly and securely. 

Wheelchair Mount Clamp Pressure

Post Height

Post height set screw ensures repeatable height and safety.

Wheelchair Mount Post Height Set Screw


​Note: If you are installing a Simple Mount, you are finished!





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