How to Attach Your Mount'n Mover: Step 4

Attach the Wheelchair Bracket; Use an Angle Adjust Plate if Necessary 

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The Wheelchair Bracket has a square clamp into which the Post inserts, and the mounts attach to the Post. Typically, for best results, the Post should be mounted as vertically as possible when the person is in their usual sitting or driving angle. This makes it easier for a person to move independently. 

If the Wheelchair Bracket cannot attach to the Hardware so the Post is vertical, the Angle Adjust Plate may be used between the attachment hardware and the Wheelchair Bracket to adjust the orientation.

Helpful to Know

  • The Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) can be mounted in four orientations
  • To achieve a vertical post orientation, use the Angle Adjust Plate (WC-AAP)
  • The  Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) + Angle Adjust Plate (WC-AAP) allows adjustment to every 7.5°

Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2)

Solid Wheelchair Bracket WB2

The Solid Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) receives and supports the Post the Mount attaches to. It is made up of a square clamp, to receive the square post; a lever cam clamp to tighten the clamp onto the post; and a back plate. Basics:

  • The square clamp should be oriented so the post will be vertical.
  • It attaches to our various plates using the bolts supplied to go through the two holes on the plate and into the threads on the Adapter Plates or T-nut; or use the bolts supplied with the round clamps or collar clamps.
  • To remove the post, you release the lever clamp and lift it out.

Back Plate: Four Orientations

Back Plate Has 4 Orientations - Wheelchair Mount

Adjust the orientation of the backplate by removing the screws and reassembling it.

  • You can remove the backplate and reorient it so you can attach to the plate in the right orientation for a vertical post, and you have flexibility in positioning the post.
  • Make sure to put the short screws back into the thinner wall section.

WB2 and Angle Adjust Plate

WB2 and Angle Adjust Plate

The Angle Adjust Plate (AAP) is used to orient the Wheelchair Bracket so it is vertical, when the plate it attaches to is not. The AAP attaches to an Adapter Plate or L-Angle Extension plate, and the Solid Wheelchair Bracket is attached to the set of holes that bring the post opening to vertical. Using the AAP, you can orient the plate every 7.5 degrees. This is achieved by using the pairings of holes on either side of the AAP to align with the WB2 holes. By flipping the AAP, you get a different set of angles.

Angle Adjust Plate (Left) & Solid Wheelchair Bracket (Right)

Angle Adjust Plate and Solid Wheelchair Bracket - Wheelchair Mount

Using the Angle Adjust Plate

Angled Offset Wheelchair Mounting with Angle Adjust Plate

Angles Available with Angle Adjust Plate for Wheelchair Mount





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