How to Attach Your Mount'n Mover: Step 7

Prepare the Device or Tray

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Follow instructions for your specific Device or Tray:

  1. Attach to the Device Plate to the Device. 
  2. Attach the Quick Release Plate to the Device Plate or Tray.


Consider a Universal Rotator if you need to rotate the device to accommodate a person’s head tilt, change from portrait to landscape or adjust a system that isn’t exactly horizontal as mounted.

 The Rotator is attached between the device plate or tray and the Quick Release Plate. Use the knob to unlock and lock the Rotator, adjusting the angle as needed.

Wheelchair Mounting Rotator

Stand 90

Consider a Stand+90 if you need a device to face downward. The locking Mount’n Mover has 12 degrees of downward positioning built into it; the Easy Mover allows a full range, provided it does not run into the mounting arm.

Mount'n Mover Stand 90 Wheelchair Device Mount

Wheelchair Mounts Stand 90 Mount'n Mover

Detach Quick Release Plate

  1. Release lock (in red below) by rotating clockwise. 
  2. Unlock by pulling out and up on handle (in green below)
  3. Lift off by pulling forward and up (second image, below)

Release Lock on Quick Release Plate Wheelchair Device Mount

Attaching the Quick Release Plate to the Tilt Plate Wheelchair Mount

Reverse these steps to reattach to device plate. 




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