Everyday Activity Seat

Leckey Everyday Activity Chair
Unsnap and lift cushion
Attach through the slot on the seat pan, sandwiching it above with an Adapter Plate, and an L-Angle below it.
Adapter plate and L-Angle, attached so L-Angle face is just outside the seat pan.
Attach an Adapter Plate 4 to move the point of attachment for the Wheelchair Bracket forward.
Attach Wheelchair Bracket.
Mount'n Mover attached, and ready to roll!
If there is no slot, drill custom holes for the Adapter plate--use the L-Angle Extension as a template.
Sandwich the seat pan with the AP4 on top, and the L-Angle Extension below. Guide screws thru the LAE and seat pan, and screw them into the AP4's threaded holes.
Attach the Adapter Plate 2 to the L-AE, and offset it outwards so the Wheelchair Bracket clears the seat and tray.

Offset options

Offsets attach to the wheelchair attachment hardware, and are used to:

  • Get around obstacles such as trays, brakes, footrests and armrests
  • Position the Wheelchair Bracket so the post is in the optimal position (post can be inserted and removed, brakes are unobstructed, footrests removed, accommodate the tray, etc)
  • Adjust the angle of the hardware and/or bracket to make sure the post is vertical

These plates can all be used to offset. To figure out which offset plate will work for you, see our Offset Guide.

How to mount: 

Sandwich the metal seat pan with an Adapter Plate beneath the cushion, positioned above the slot. Beneath the seat pan, align an L-Angle Extension Plate with the slot. Use two bolts and lock nuts to attach the 3-component sandwich. Be sure and position the L-Angle so either it extends out beyond the side of the seat, or so an Adapter Plate can be attached to extend out beyond it for the Wheelchair Bracket attachment.

Note: the slot may be too small for a 1/4" bolt, so you may need to drill it out a bit or use M5 screws.

Installation support: 

Suggested extra parts

Other hardware: 

bolts and lock nuts to secure the Adapter Plate and L-Angle Extension plates to the seat pan

How to mount: 

When there is no slot, and there aren't holes to attach through, drilling is required.

Using the L-Angle as a template, drill 3-4 holes in Seat Pan towards the right or left front corner of the seat. Place the Adapter Plate 4 with 3 of the threaded holes over the drilled holes. Place the L-Angle on the bottom of the seat pan, and attach to the AP4 on top of seat pan, using the bolts from the bottom, and into the AP4.

Orient the L-Angle so you can attach the Adapter Plate 2 to a vertical face, extending it out to the side of the seat pan. Attach the Solid Wheelchair Bracket to the AP2.

Installation support: