Ortomobility (Unspecified model)

Ortomobility Balance chair: Decide whether you need to attach to the Seat frame (if you want the mount to move with the person as they tilt) or the base. If you need it to move with the person, choose Approach 1.
Approach 1: Attach a Round clamp to the black tube just above the caster and behind the legrest. Approach 2: Attach using a Bridge Clamp on the base frame, just behind the caster; or attach a Bridge clamp to the side frame tube and the cross-frame tube.
Bottom of frame shows 3 possible attachment strategies: A bridge clamp on the side tubes just behind the caster; a bridge clamp on the side tube and cross-frame tube; or attaching to the vertical black tube just behind the legrest.

Offset options

Offsets attach to the wheelchair attachment hardware, and are used to:

  • Get around obstacles such as trays, brakes, footrests and armrests
  • Position the Wheelchair Bracket so the post is in the optimal position (post can be inserted and removed, brakes are unobstructed, footrests removed, accommodate the tray, etc)
  • Adjust the angle of the hardware and/or bracket to make sure the post is vertical

These plates can all be used to offset. To figure out which offset plate will work for you, see our Offset Guide.

How to mount: 

Attach to round tube just behind legrests, attached to the seat frame. Attach Wheelchair Bracket directly, or use an L-Angle Extension Plate to position it around armrests or a tray.

If the person typically sits at an angle, you may also want an Angle Adjustment Plate.

Note: Check the tubing size. If the tubing is not 1", choose two Collar Clamps that fit, an Adapter Plate and use a bridge clamp approach.

Installation support: 

How to mount: 

It was assumed the tubing is 1" diameter. Please check. If not, then order 2 Collar clamps of the right size instead of the 2 Bridge Clamps.

Approach 2a: Attach using a Bridge clamp set on the two side frame sections that meet at the caster. Next, attach an Angle Adjustment Plate to set the Wheelchair Bracket  at a vertical orientation. 

Approach 2b: Use a Bridge clamp set, with one on the upper side frame tube and one on the cross-frame tube. Use an Adapter Plate to connect the two, orienting the threaded holes to the outside of the chair. Use an L-Angle Extension plate to provide a vertical mounting plate for the Wheelchair Bracket (WB2) and use an Angle Adjustment Plate if necessary prior to attaching the WB2.

Use additional Offsets as necessary.

Installation support: