Quickie T-Nut (WC-TN-QUICKIE)



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The Quickie T-Nut slides into the track along the seat.  The adapter plate (WC-AP4 or WC-AP2) attaches to the T-Nut via the M6 bolts included with the T-Nut.   Mount as close up to the front of the track as possible.

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Post Clamp Extension

Base price: $130.00

The post clamp extension plate is 7.25" long x 2" tall.  The plate is 1/4 inch thick steel.  This extension is designed to give the post clamp (WB2) more forward extension for eyegaze.    It comes with hardware to attach to the Permobil dual track and bolts to connect it to another adapter plate, collar clamps, bridge clamps etc.

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Rifton Adapter Plate for Hi/Lo Activity Chair

Base price: $65.00

The Rifton Adapter Plate (WC-AP8X) has hole spacing to attach to the 830, 850, and 870 Activity Chair with Hi/Lo base.   The adapter plate comes as a kit with two shoulder bolts to use to attach it to the side of the chair.   A Post Extension Kit (PEK-18) would then be attached to the WC-AP8X to get the post out in front of the tray.

Rifton Adapter Plate Instructions

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Shoulder Bolt for Rifton HiLo activity chairs

Base price: $16.00

Alloy Steel Shoulder Screw, 5/16" Shoulder Diameter, 1-1/4" Shoulder Length, 1/4"-20 Thread
Overall length top to bottom= 1.900.   Drive- 4mm allen wrench

**** Sold as a pair *****

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Base price: $12.70

Hardware for attaching adapter plates to the R82 Multi Frame:

 (x5) M6 x 25mm Flat Head Screw,   

 (x5) M6 Nylon Insert Lock Nut,     

 (x3) 1/4"  Length Nylon Spacer,   

 (x4) 1/4-28 x 1/2" Socket Head Screw.

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Adapter Plate 5

Base price: $65.00

Plate size: 5.0" x 2.0" x .25"

Longest plate for offsets; 3/4" longer than WC-AP2

Parallel slots allow for sandwiching of two plates

Four threaded holes allow for Wheelchair Bracket or additional Offset Plates

Threaded holes provide easy securement of Wheelchair Bracket or Offset Plate

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Kimba-Neo Kit (WC-Kimba Neo Clamp)

Base price: $150.00

The Kimba Neo clamp is specifically profiled for the Kimba Neo stroller and is a very solid base of support.

Any of the Adapter Plates attach to the clamp, using one of the holes and a slot. The Angle Adjustment Plate can attach to the Adapter plate to allow for the vertical positioning and attachment of the Solid Wheelchair Bracket. This guarantees the post will be nearly vertical.

Be sure and order an Adapter Plate and an Angle Adjustment Plate (WC-AAP) when ordering the Neo Clamp.

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Wheelchair Bracket-Daessy Adapter (WB-DAESSY)

Base price: $375.00

Compatible with Daessy wheelchair hardware.

Connects to any Daessy Inner piece clamp or adapter.

**If you have an old Daessy frame clamp in usable condition, you can connect this product to it and use your old clamp.**

You can attach to some Daessy hardware with the Adapter Plate (WC-AP)--see the photo.

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Base price: $70.00


  • AP4 plate
  • (2) 5/16-18 x 2" Hex bolts
  • (2) Spacers: 5/16" ID, 1/2" OD x 1/4" long

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Oval tube clamp-Sunrise/Quicke (WC-OVALTUBECLAMP)

Base price: $310.00

Set of two Oval clamps

Compatible with Sunrise/Quickie wheelchairs with Oval tubes

Includes attachment hardware

Adapter Plate required to create a Bridge Clamp

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Base price: $50.00

Fits Quickie/Sunrise Medical DoveTail slide track

Kit includes:

  • Pair of dovetail nuts, with 1/4-28 threads
  • 2 lengths of screws
  • 2 washers


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Collar Clamp (WC-COLLAR)

Base price: $110.00

Contains one set of two clamps

1/4-28 tap for attaching Adapter Plate

If you need a different tube size, contact us.


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Tube Coved Spacer Kit (WC-COVED-)

Base price: $30.00

Provides improved stability when attaching a flat plate to a round tube (Adapter Plate NOT included)

Includes 1 each:

  • 1" coved nylon spacer
  • Washer
  • Bolt (1/4-28 x 2")
  • Lock nut (1/4-28)

Use 2 when using them to attach an Adapter Plate.

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L-Angled Extension Plate

Base price: $65.00

Can be used singly to offset mounting at a 90°, or used in pairs to extend mounting from 2.25" to 4.5" Fully compatible with all wheelchair mounting hardware.

PDF icon LAE (L-Angle Extension Plate) instructions

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Adapter Plate 4

Base price: $65.00

Plate size: 3.75" x 2.25" x .25"

More compact than WC-AP2

More options for attaching with 5/16" or 8mm bolts

Five threaded holes allow 4 placements of Wheelchair Bracket or Offset Plates

Threaded holes provide easy securement of Wheelchair Bracket or Offset Plates

Adapter Plate 4 Instructions

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Adapter Plate 2

Base price: $65.00

Plate size: 4.75" x 2.25" x .25"

Longest plate for offsets; 1" longer than WC-AP4

Parallel slots allow for sandwiching of two plates

Four threaded holes allow 3 placements of Wheelchair Bracket or Offset Plates

Threaded holes provide easy securement of Wheelchair Bracket or Offset Plates

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Adapter Plate

Base price: $55.00

Plate size: 3" x 1.75" x .25"

Lowest profile of the Adapter Plates

Two threaded holes allow easy securement of Wheelchair Bracket or other plates

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Base price: $60.00

Compatible with TDX and Quantum slide tracks.

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Round clamp (WC-R-)

Base price: $75.00

Clamps to round tubing when bolting is not an option. Select from 1" or 7/8" size.

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Bridge clamp (WC-R1B/R7/8B)

Base price: $110.00

Bridge clamps must always be used in pairs, and in combination with an Adapter Plate. The Adapter Plate spans the Bridge clamps to create a solid attachment. 

Choose from 1", 7/8", mixed pairs and Collar clamps. Eliminates tube-slip if clamped at right-angles.


(Round Clamps and Bridge Clamps only come in 7/8" and 1" sizes.  If you need another size check out the Collar Clamps

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Angle Adjustment Plate

Base price: $55.00

Allows for rigid mounting at various angles

Mount post at a nearly vertical angle, even when attached to an inclined frame section

Attach at increments of 7.5° 

Compatible with Wheelchair Brackets and bracket mounting hardware

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