Slide Track Frame


This page will walk you through how to mount using the Slide Track available on Invacare TDX and Quantum power wheelchairs.

Specific step-by-step instructions are available for:

For Quantum wheelchairs with Tie-Downs, the preferred method for mounting is to "sandwich" one of our plates. See section on mounting to frames by sandwiching components.

Wheelchair T-Nut (WC-TN)

                   T-Nut installation diagram


Example of WB2 offset with an AP4 and LAE adapter plates

 Offset examples using the T-Nut and Slide Track

Inserting the T-Nut

1. Remove plastic cover for Slide-Track access
T-Nut attachment
Determine the side of the wheelchair you want to mount to. Depending on wheelchair, there is normally a plastic cap covering the Slide-Track end. The picture shows removing the cover off a wheelchair.
2. Remove any obstructions
Insert the T-Nut in the track.
Make sure that the T-Nut can be fully supported within the Slide Track. Wheelchairs with "TDX style Slide Track" will usually have bolts with spacers that protrude into the track. You will need to remove those spacers, and re-seat those bolts to allow the T-Nut to pass. Quantum wheelchairs may include manufacturer slide-nuts, which will need to be repositioned to allow the Mount'n Mover T-Nut to pass. Note: When removing bolts from the seat frame, be careful not to allow the frame may come out of alignment.
3. Reattach removed components
Reattach components
Make sure all components removed to insert the T-Nut is re-inserted.
4. Attach or offset the Wheelchair Brackets
Attach or offset the Wheelchair Brackets
Depending on other obstacles (ie: Arm-rests, laptrays, footrests, etc), you will need to offset or extend the position of the wheelchair bracket either further forward, or laterally.

Example wheelchairs with Slide Track

Slide Track Example Invacare TDX
Slide Track Example Invacare TDX-close-up
Slide Track Example Invacare TDX Storm
Slide Track Example Quantum wheelchair (T-Nut already inserted)
Slide Track Example Quantum Q6 Edge wheelchair (T-Nut already inserted)

Examples of Mounted Wheelchairs

Invacare Storm, mounted using the T-Nut (WC-TN), and Adapter Plate 2(WC-AP2)
Invacare Storm, mounted using the T-Nut (WC-TN), and 2 L-Angle Extension Plates (WC-LAE)