How to Attach Your Mount'n Mover: Step 3

Attach the Hardware to the Frame

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Using the Attachment Hardware selected in Step 1, position it roughly where you plan to attach it. See below for images showing attachment to different wheelchair frame styles. 

Attach the Wheelchair Bracket to the Attachment Hardware so the Post is in the best position. Using the supplied bolts, attach to the threaded holes on Adapter Plates and T-nuts; or attach to the Round or Collar Clamps using the supplied bolts. Experiment with plate and wheelchair bracket orientations to determine the optimal combination. Remember to consider footrest removal, brakes, lap trays, etc.

Once you have determined the best location, attach the plates or clamps according to the instructions on the Quick Guide, your wheelchair’s Mounting Guide, or the Frame Type Mounting Guides (below) that applies to your wheelchair. See Step 1.

Wheelchair Selector Tool

Use this tool to select your wheelchair's make and model: 

Select your wheelchair or other item below to see hardware recommendations and mounting instructions.

Round Clamps

To mount vertically to round tubing, use Round Clamps. 

Round Clamp for Wheelchair Mounting Vertically to Round Tubing


Collar Clamps

Collar Clamps come in a variety of sizes to fit most round tube wheelchair frames.

Collar Clamps for Mounting to Round Tube Wheelchair Frames

Bridge Clamps

Bridge Clamps provide a stable moutning solution for most chairs with round tubing.

Use Bridge or Collar Clamps to Mount to Round Tubing

Permobil Unitrack

How to Mount to a Permobil Unitrack

Invacare & Quantum Track

How to Mount to Invacare and Quantum Track Wheelchair

Frame Tubing with Through Holes

How to Mount to Fram Tubing with Through Holes - Wheelchair

Offset Examples

Angled Offset Wheelchair Mount Examples

Hole Sizing

AP hole size chart




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