Mount'n Mover News and Stories

Mount'n Mover News and Stories

Bob Gregory

Bob Gregory, Advocate Camper

“My favorite was the Northwest Territories in Canada. It was beautiful. One evening a herd of Caribou came through our campsite. I think a zipper broke on a tent.” When you get to know Bob, two things become apparent: Bob has a mischievous sense of humor and big heart, and he loves sharing both... Read more
Jon Feucht, Camp Director

Jon Feucht, Camp Director

“[I] helped so many people learn how beautiful communication is, made people laugh constantly and fell in love with the joy that comes from doing something meaningful with life.” –The Tan Car The executive director of Authentic Voices of America has built a career out of filling people with hope... Read more
Ken Walsh

Ken Walsh, Teacher, Navy Vet

On a tiny screen, dragsters rocket neck and neck while exuberant 6th graders cheer them to the finish. “I’m an educator,” says the amateur cinematographer proudly displaying his students’ annual race on his iPhone Touch. No larger than 1”x10”, the homemade cars are the ultimate test for... Read more
David Karkinen

David Karkinen

"I appreciate this innovative and functional technology - I use a power wheelchair, drive a van and use a Mac." He needed a movable mount so he could bring his laptop with him, but move it to transfer into the driver's seat so he got the Mount'n Mover. When out and about, he needs to take the... Read more

Seth, Student

Seth is in grade school. He uses a manual wheelchair and a communication device. He needs to change positions of his device for different school activities. Mount'n Mover Uses: Speech Device Reading Tray Mount'n Mover Benefits for Him: Positioning for visual and physical access to speech device... Read more
Loren Worthington

Loren, Photographer

Loren is a professional photographer. His blog, Rolling F-stop , is a forum for photographers who use wheelchairs. Loren had tried all sorts of mounts in search of one which securely attached to his wheelchair and held his expensive camera while he rode his power chair over rough terrain and gravel... Read more
Mark Rahn

Mark Rahn, Vet

Mark is a veteran - he served his country and sustained a spinal cord injury roughly 30 years ago. His power chair is terrific for mobility, but makes it more difficult for him to use tables of a standard height. Mount'n Mover Uses: Computer: keyboard/mouse tray Reading and Writing Eating In his... Read more
Jim Carlisle

Jim Carlisle

Jim has run his own accounting business since 1963. He and his wife started a nonprofit to better manage personal care attendants. Jim says "Retirement" is not in his vocabulary. Use: speech device Mount'n Mover benefits for him: Reposition for computer work Move to access to sink Place off to the... Read more
Cata uses a Mount'n Tilter with her Tobii on a table.

Catalina, Kindergartener

Catalina recently celebrated her fifth birthday dancing her heart out as a princess. The hyper-social Kindergartener loves school, princesses, pink things, dancing and all music (especially Taylor Swift). Catalina (Cata) enjoys cycling with dad in an adapted stroller and spending time with her... Read more
Gae Skager

Gae Skager: Advocate, Nurse (Video)

“Communication is such a basic need and I am very grateful for access to new methods to remain actively engaged in everyday life. I still have a voice!” Gae Skager leads a busy life full of faith, friends and advocacy. When she recognized she exhibited the early symptoms of Amyotrophic Lateral... Read more