Mount'n Mover News and Stories

Mount'n Mover News and Stories

Nicole with Double Decker system

Nicole Carstens, A Double Decker Student Solution

As a college student Nicole needs to multitask—reading, writing, using a laptop and of course, eating. She can do it all more easily now. She uses a Tilt’n Turner and a Dual Arm Mount’n Mover to use her laptop and read at the same time. She can adjust and change the trays depending on her needs. “... Read more
Kevin Berg

Kevin Berg, Computer Consultant

Daddy-Daughter-Dates Made Possible Thanks to an iPad, Mount'n Mover and the Generosity of Family, Friends, and Strangers Kevin knew before the end of his first week of his free two week Mount'n Mover trial, he couldn't live without a Mount'n Mover. Through crowd-funding he raised the money to buy... Read more
Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams, Web Developer

“This mount is the best investment I made in a long time. It has surpassed just a mount for my communication device, and become truly a device essential to my daily living” This quote coming from a man as active and particular as Kevin Williams is saying a lot: Kevin is an avid power soccer player... Read more
Table Clamp

Universal Access Stations

Virginia Beach City Public Schools transformed its Special Education program through the use of 30 Mount’n Mover workstations. The adjustable Mount'n Mover offers a cost-effective Universal Design solution. It provides equal access to students with and without disabilities and makes the educational... Read more
Danny at school

Danny, Student

Dad Says The Mount'n Mover Makes Danny's Eyemax Function. "With the Mount’n Mover, the screen is repositioned to the exact location needed in seconds, and can be moved out of the way to drive and redeployed when he stops in seconds – making everything less time consuming and much easier for Danny,... Read more

Scotty "Jig Master"

Our Mount’n Mover Self-Replicates! Our jig master and assembler Linda Scott “Scotty” created her own table mount using Mount’n Mover components to help assemble new Mount’n Mover. “I used to have to do it on a table. It wasn’t stable.” Scotty said. After 9 months of frustration Scotty designed a... Read more
Anthony and Chay play

Anthony Arnold, Prentke Romich Company Technical Support

“I remember being 13, when I first drafted my first letter to Barry Romich at the Prentke Romich Company (PRC) with various product suggestions and asking for a job. I think I had to send a couple more letters proving that I was serious.” "I especially like my ability of tilting and turning my... Read more
Bob Gregory

Bob Gregory, Advocate Camper

“My favorite was the Northwest Territories in Canada. It was beautiful. One evening a herd of Caribou came through our campsite. I think a zipper broke on a tent.” When you get to know Bob, two things become apparent: Bob has a mischievous sense of humor and big heart, and he loves sharing both... Read more
Jon Feucht, Camp Director

Jon Feucht, Camp Director

“[I] helped so many people learn how beautiful communication is, made people laugh constantly and fell in love with the joy that comes from doing something meaningful with life.” –The Tan Car The executive director of Authentic Voices of America has built a career out of filling people with hope... Read more
Ken Walsh

Ken Walsh, Teacher, Navy Vet

On a tiny screen, dragsters rocket neck and neck while exuberant 6th graders cheer them to the finish. “I’m an educator,” says the amateur cinematographer proudly displaying his students’ annual race on his iPhone Touch. No larger than 1”x10”, the homemade cars are the ultimate test for... Read more