Choosing a Mount'n Mover

Which model should I get?

There are several options: Dual Arm, Single Arm,  Tilt’n Turner, Easy Mover Single Arm with Quick Connect or Tilt Plate, Easy Mover Dual Arm with Quick Connect or Tilt Plate, Simple Mount Small, and Simple Mount Large.  

The Dual Arm, Single Arm and Tilt'n Turner offer:

  • Customizable lock-setters provide secure locks and repeatable user-specific positioning
  • Multiple lock positions may be set (24 per joint)
  • Built-in tilt plate adjusts from 0 to 110 degrees and anywhere in between
  • Handles provide easy-access, one-handed lock release and operation
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Tilt hinges built-in resistance keeps devices and trays from slamming down
  • Attach to a wheelchair, table or floor stand

The Easy Mover Dual Arm and Single Arm offer:

  •  Joints can be adjusted from low to high resistance, changing the effort to move the mount
  •  Sleek design
  •   Available with either Quick Connect Receiver or Tilt Plate
  •   Hinge on Quick Connect Receiver and Tilt Plate available with either low or high resistance

 The Simple Mounts offer:

  • Two sizes of tray, small 3.5" x 7" x .250"  and large 9" x 11.5" x .375"
  • Tray comes attached to either 8”, 12”, 18”, or 24” post. 36” post available at additional cost
  • Clear trays swivel 360 degrees, lay horizontal, tilt at a variety of angles (0-90 degrees) and folds down to the side
  • Attach to a wheelchair, table or floor stand
  • The tray is attached to a variable angle hinge. The hinge is available in either a high or low resistance
  • Uses current Mount’n Mover wheelchair hardware

The Hybrid Dual Arm with Pow!r Shoulder or Pow!r Tilt

  •  Power joints for independent device postitioning 
  •  Single or Dual switch directional control
  •  Customizable target positions
  •  Built-in keypad for attendant
  •  Option to attach:  trays, speech devices, camera, laptop, suction tube



Learn How The Mount'n Mover Arm Works.

For more information, check out our Specification Table: 
PDF icon Specification Table- Arm-Black Model



Dual Arm

The Dual Arm offers the most flexible positioning, and has more reach than the Single Arm.
Consider the Dual Arm if you need greater flexibility to:

  • Use your device in more than one operating position
  • Set a different position for a second device
  • Position something “just so”
  • Move it around other things
  • Position it so the controls are either away from or towards the person

You need a longer arm, so you can:

  • Extend it more than 8” from the side of your chair
  • Extend across midline
  • Mount to the side opposite the joystick, and still position the device on that side
  • Use it for eye gaze
  • Extend it forward and inward

You have limited reach. Less range of motion is required to move it to another operating position.

  • The Hoop unlocks both the Elbow and Shoulder
  • Move the arm laterally, and
  • It will still be within reach

The Single Arm works well for people who don’t need the reach and flexibility of the Dual Arm.

  • Lower profile and more compact, which some people prefer
  • Simpler to operate, because you don’t need to learn to “steer” it
  • Positions the device lower than the Dual Arm
    • unless just the upper arm of the Dual swings over your legs or tray

Limitations and considerations:

  • Fewer lock positions
  • Not as good for multiple operating positions
  • Hoop and paddle rotate away from you as you swing it away

Don’t have it lock away from you if you can’t reach the controls

The Tilt’n Turner is recommended for:

  • Smaller devices that are to be positioned on a post, just in front of the armrest
  • Placing a second device on the top of the post that a Dual or Single Arm is already attached to.
    • enables someone to do two things concurrently (ie, read and use a laptop)
    • Attachment to a table to position a tray or other device at a good operating height.


Double Decker with dual arm and simple mount

A Double Decker combines two Mount'n Movers for more accessibility and more options.

  • Multitask - access two things at once
  • Combine any two of your laptop, phone, camera, speech device, and tray
  • Adjust your environment, wherever you are

Here are some examples

Nicole uses a Double Decker


  • Simple Mount Small (3.5" x 7" x .250")
  • Simple Mount Large (9" x 11.5" x .375")
  • Simple Mount with Quick Connect

The Simple Mounts offer a simple, strong mount ideal for phones, remotes, iPads, tablets, cameras, eating, writing and reading.

Consider a Simple Mount for the following:

  • Abilty to fold the tray down to the side for storage
  • Add a second device to a Single or Dual arm by building a double-decker system
  • Position item close to the arm rest
  • Cost-effective
  • More robust than commercially available basic mounts


Easy Mover Dual Arm with Tilt PlateEasy Mover Single Arm with Tilt Plate       Easy Mover Dual Arm with Locking Tilt PlateEasy Mover Single Arm with Locking Tilt Plate

Available with either Quick Connect Receiver (QCR) or Tilt Plate 

  • Movable joints and tilt easily glide to desired position
  • Adjustable joint resistance
    • Joints can be adjusted from low to high resistance, changing the effort required to move the mount
    • Joints can be fully tightened to lock
  • Attachment options :
    • New Quick Connect Receiver (QCR) is compatible with other mounts and devices
    • Tilt Plate, compatible with Quick Release Plate (QRP)  
    • QRP is not included with the Easy Mover Arms

Move the shoulder or tilt independently using Single or Dual switch control.

Three modes of control:

  • Alternate directions with one switch
  • One switch for each direction
  • Go to customizable target positions with one switch

Includes Mount'n Mover positioning capability with custom lock positions.

Supports and moves up to 15 pounds.

Access using a Mount'n Mover in bed with a Floor Stand, Dual arm and Stand+90