Quick Connect Plate (QCP) (DP-QCP)


The Quick Connect Plate can be added to a Mount'n Mover Tray to make it compatible with the Quick Connect Receiver and other standard quick release connectors.

This facilitates using a tray with the Easy Mover, Simple Quick Connect mount, and Rehadapt floor and table stands.

The notch on the plate corresponds to the spring-loaded release lever of the QC Receiver and to the spring pull plunger on other standard quick release connectors.

4 hole pattern is compatible with threaded insert on Mount'n Mover trays

Quick Connect Plate comes with four 6-32 x 1/4" flat head screws

Plate is made of 6061 Aluminum

Compatible with Quick Connect Receiver and other standard connectors

Compare to similar products:

QCR Extension Plate (DP-QCR-E)

Extends the height location of QCR; Plate attaches to QRP.

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QCR Extension Plate

Extension Plate is used to place the QCR higher up on the device it is attaching to. This is especially helpful for eye gaze devices, to be sure the device clears the hoop in an upright position. 

The QCR attaches to the top of the Extension plate; and the Quick Release Plate attaches to thereaded inserts on the lower section of the Extension Plate.

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Device Plate - i110

Used to attach to a Tobii i110

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Quick Connect Receiver

Base price: $180.00


  • Speech devices
    • The Quick Connect Receiver (QCR) is compatible with many speech devices--via plates and molded recesses within speech device cases
    • The DP-QCR cannot be used "alone" with Tobii Dynavox i-12 and i-15 devices.  It must be used in combination with the DP-T2 (contact us!).
    • Disclaimer: There may be some plates and devices we have not tested which do not work
  • Mount'n Mover compatibility
    • The QCR (DP-QCR) can be attached to a Mount'n Mover Quick Release Plate for use with the Original Mount'n Mover, to make it compatible with various speech devices.
    • Attach Quick Connect Plate (DP-QCP) to Mount'n Mover trays to make them compatible with the QCR  .
  • Mounts with built-in QCR
    • Easy Mover with Quick Connect Receiver (EM1-QC, EM2-QC)
    • Easy Mover with Tilt Plate (EM1-TP, EM2-TP)
    • Simple Mount with Quick Connect (SM-QC)

How it Works

Release Lever and Catch:

  • The red release lever is spring-loaded
  • It will automatically engage when it reaches the hole or retaining ledge in the device or plate
  • It is difficult to accidentally release, requiring an intentional and specific action to release
  • Press the curved tab with a finger or thumb to retract the catch. It takes very little force, making it easy to release
  • Because it mates with a wide range of devices, it is looser on some than others to accommodate variability in plates

Attachment steps:

  1. Align the Quick Connect Receiver (QCR) with the recess (or plate) on the back of the device you are attaching
  2. The spring-loaded release lever offers a little resistance, so you need to first push the device (or plate) into the Receiver, and then slip it down into place 
  3. When it arrives at the mating hole or notch, the catch on the release lever springs into place, positively locking the device in place

Removal steps:

  1. Press the Release lever tab
  2. While depressed, lift the device upward, detaching from the mount

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Phone with Otterbox Defender

Base price: $150.00

Includes an Otterbox Defender case and the Defender Series Holster.

The Otterbox is attached to a QRP (QRP is not included).  If QRP is needed order DP-PHONE-OB-Q  -price:   $259.00. 

Please provide the make and model of phone.    Not all compatible phone types are listed.  We can attach to most phones...call us!

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Tilt Plate Adapter

Base price: $150.00

Compatible with Daessy, Rehadapt.

The Tilt Plate with clamps allows attachment of a device with a Mount'n Mover Quick Release Plate to floor stands and table hardware with round tubing.

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Multi1 Plate

Base price: $70.00

Multi1 plate replaces three old device plates and several new ones, and is compatible with those the old ones.

Multiple plates, rolled into one: DP-AMDI, DP-Mobi/Tellus, DP-Rolltalk, DP-Tobii Eye Mobile, DP-VESA2.

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Device Plate - VESA

Base price: $85.00

Compatible with VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS):

  • 100mm x 100mm, M4 
  • 75mm x 75mm, M4 

Compatible with Tobii C15.

Has QRP attachment inserts for up to 6" (150mm) offset from top attachment.

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Device Plate-PRC

Base price: $45.00

For device(s): ECO2, ECO-Point , ECO-14, Vanguard, Pathfinder, Accent 1400


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Device Plate-Tobii/ATI (DP-T1)

Base price: $65.00

Compatible with Tobii devices:

  • P10
  • C8
  • C10
  • LightWriter (SL40)
  • CEye Module
  • EyeMobile

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Device Plate-DV2

Base price: $108.00

For Dynavox device(s):

  • Vmax with Eyegaze (EyeMax)
  • Maestro with Eyegaze


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Device Plate-Dynavox (DV1)

Base price: $45.00

For device(s): Dynavox Maestro, T10*, Vmax, M3, DV4, MT4.

Note: If using an eyegaze module (Eyemax for Vmax or Maestro) please see the DP-DV2

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Device Plate - ATS/EZ-Comm

Base price: $60.00

For: ATS / EzCOMM Devices NEW!!

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Device Plate-AbleNet

Base price: $20.00

For device(s): BIGmack, BIG Step-by-Step, Big Red, FL4SH

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Device Plate - Camera 3

Base price: $50.00

For any "point-and-shoot" cameras

Get great positioning and access for your cameras! Works for any camera with ¼" mounting
Please contact us for mounting heavier cameras

  • Attaches directly to Quick Release Plate
  • Compatible directly with most cameras and tripod heads
  • 1/4" and 3/8" screws supplied
  • Secure attachment

Manfrotto tripod heads shown (available through camera stores)

  • Model 234RC: Tilt Head with Quick Release
  • Model 391RC2: Photo/Video Pan and Tilt Head

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Device Plate - Universal Rotator

Base price: $99.00

NEW!! An additional degree of freedom! Infinite angle locking is great for eye-gaze systems and iPads!

Compatible with all Mount'n Mover device(s).

The Universal Rotator adds a degree of freedom! Adjust the angle between the Mount'n Mover Quick Release Plate and the device plate (attached to a device or tray).
Turning the knob adjusts friction between the rotating plates, letting you lock the rotation at any angle.

Rotation angle adjustment is great for eye-gaze systems, or iPads and tablets that can move from landscape to portrait.

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Device Plate - QRM

Base price: $180.00

Compatible with PRC devices:

  • Accent 1200
  • Vantage Lite*
  • NOVA Chat
  • Springboard Lite

Compatible with PRC devices when accompanied by PRC QRM Mounting Bracket (sold and distributed by PRC)

*Exception: Vantage Lite does not need QRM plate

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Tobii I-Series

Base price: $190.00

Compatible with Tobii I series devices:



Use with any Quick Release Plate (QRP).   

Add a Universal Rotator (DP-UR) for optimal positioning throughout the day.

You can attach to the i-series with either the Quick Release Plate (QRP) or the Quick Connect Receiver (QCR)

            PDF icon Quick Release Plate (QRP) to DP-T2 

Can be used in combination with a Quick Connect Plate (QCP) and a Quick Connect Receiver (QCR) if needed.

            PDF icon Quick Connect Receiver (QCR) to DP-T2

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Quick Release Plate

Base price: $89.00

QRP serves as the easy attach-and-release component between the Mounting system and your device(s) of choice

User Controls: Easy-access, one-handed operation - hook handle up and out to unlock

Note:1 QRP included with each Mount'n Mover

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Stand + 90°

Base price: $199.00

Two products in one!
Table stand for devices or trays: 
Use with any device plate or tray
Locks at 0° and 55° on tables
Downward Tilt for mounted devices. 
Attach between device plate (or tray) and QRP.
Ideal for bed access, Use tilt lever to lock from 0° to 180°

  • The Stand + 90° is compatible with all Mount'n Mover device attachment accessories, and can be used in combination with the Universal Rotator.
  • The Stand + 90° can be used as a "stand-alone" product, without a Quick Release Plate, but you will need one to attach your device to a Mount'n Mover arm.

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