Device Attachment

Device Plate Graph

Introduction to Device Attachment

The Mount’n Mover readily attaches to:

  • Speech devices (Dynavox, Tobii, PRC, Saltillo, Jabbla, ProxTalker and more)
  • Laptops
  • iPads and e-Readers (uses a tray)
  • Phones
  • Cameras
  • Trays
  • Whatever you’d like—provided it is less than 15 pounds 

Attaching a plate to a Quick Release Plate diagram

Your device attaches to a Quick Release Plate (QRP), which then attaches to the Mount'n Mover system. Some devices attach directly to the QRP and others require an additional attachment plate.

The QRP allows easy interchangeability between devices. Click the image here for more information.

Device plates are sorted by communication device manufacturer.
See the listing below for instructions for a particular device.

Tray options and additional accessories are listed below.

Speech Devices

Brand Modelsort descending Recommended QRP device plates Installation
Prentke Romich Accent 1000
Prentke Romich Accent 1200
Prentke Romich Accent 1400
Prentke Romich Accent 700
Prentke Romich Accent 800
Lingraphica AllTalk
AMDI AMDI iAdapter
Tobii Dynavox c12
Tobii Dynavox c15
Tobii Dynavox c15 cEye
Tobii Dynavox c8
Tobii Dynavox DV4
Prentke Romich Eco 14
Prentke Romich Eco 2
Prentke Romich Eco point
Tobii Dynavox EM-12 with EyeMobile Plus
EYEGAZE INC Eyegaze Edge
Tobii Dynavox Eyemax
Tobii Dynavox eyemobile
Talk to Me Technologies Eyespeak 12
Talk to Me Technologies Eyespeak 18
RM Speech Getac Rx10
Smartbox Grid Pad 12
Tobii Dynavox i series i-12
Tobii Dynavox i-110
Tobii Dynavox I-series (I-13 and I-16 to Easy Mover with Quick Connect Receiver)
Tobii Dynavox i-series ( i-13 & i-16 )
Tobii Dynavox i-series: i-15
Tobii Dynavox Indi
Tobii Dynavox Lightwriter
Tobii Dynavox Maestro
Tobii Dynavox Maestro with eyegaze
Lingraphica MiniTalk
Jabbla Mobi 3
Jabbla mobi2
Tobii Dynavox MT4
Control Bionics Neuronode Trilogy
Saltillo NOVA chat
Tobii Dynavox p10
Prentke Romich Pathfinder 2
Abillia Rolltalk
Abillia Rolltalk intelligaze
Tobii Dynavox s32
Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet
Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet Pro
Prentke Romich Springboard lite
Tobii Dynavox T10
Tobii Dynavox T15
Jabbla tellus4
Lingraphica TouchTalk
Tobii Dynavox V or M3
Prentke Romich Vanguard
Prentke Romich Vantage lite
Tobii Dynavox Vmax
Talk to Me Technologies Wego 10
Talk to Me Technologies Wego 13
Forbes Winslate 12D Enable Eyes
Talk to Me Technologies Zuvo 12
Talk to Me Technologies Zuvo 18

Attach a device plate to the Quick Release Plate

Attaching a plate to a Quick Release Plate diagram

Device Attachment Accessories

Accessories to provide better positioning of speech devices.

Universal Rotator
Consider a Universal Rotator if you need to rotate the device to accommodate a person’s head tilt
Stand + 90 overhead
Consider a Stand+90 if you need to have a device downward-facing
The camera attachment allows you to securely use your favorite point and shoot camera